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Fundimensionals @ Alpha Delt

The Fundimensionals are invading Wesleyan Saturday night at Alpha Delt. They’re coming all the way from New York to bring you a blend of jam rock improvisation, funk grooves, psychedelic flourishes resulting in the perfect way to cap off ZHD/WesFest/Theses completion celebration/your weekend.

Check out their music online. Kicking things off is Salvation Denied, from Purchase College. Salvation Denied is an Electro Body Movement duo that will force you to dance, using industrial beats to form the ultimate dance experience with a live show not to miss.

Date: Saturday, April 14
Time: 10 pm
Place: Alpha Delta Phi (corner of High and Church) living room
Cost: Free

Neon Delhi Dance Party

THE WESTCO CAFE is hosting this FREE Neon-India themed hybrid dance party THE FRIDAY OF WESFEST that will be sure to make the room bounce.

Guy Fridge @ 10
Gabe Beaudoin & Ryan Gardner @ 11:30
Jason Kilbourne @ 12:30

Time: IN 10 MINUTES (10 p.m.)
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: FREE

WesFest Public Observing!

Come see some awesome astronomical objects tonight at Van Vleck Observatory! We’ll be operating the 16-inch reflecting telescope and maybe the colossal 20-inch refracting telescope too. Stop in for a few minutes and you might see some planets, nebulae, stars (duh), and maybe a galaxy or two. Bring your pre-frosh!

Date: Tonight, Apr. 13
Time: 9:00PM – 11:00PM
Place: Van Vleck Observatory
Cost: Nuttin’

Vietnamese Sandwich Night

Come one come all to the Woodhead Lounge for Vietnamese sandwich night sponsored by French Hall, Full House, and International House. Delicious homemade sandwiches for only $3!

Date: Tonight, Apr. 13
Time: 9:00PM -11:00PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center
Cost: $3 for a sandwich

Come one come all to the Woodhead Lounge for Vietnamese sandwich night
sponsored by French Hall, Full House, and International House.
Delicious homemade sandwiches for only $3!

Yoga Dance Party

Get your groove on this Saturday. There will be peaceful warriors, drunken triangles, and everything in between.

Date: Saturday Apr. 14
Time: 4:00PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Foss Hill
Cost: Seriously? Of course not.

GET FOLKED UP @ Earth House

Iiiiiiiit’s EARTH HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Three of the most glorious and melodic folk/bluegrass bands will be playing at Earth House this Friday night! Come prepared for a night of beautiful songwriting, harmonies, lovin’ and folkin’ around.

Opening the show will be Jacquisaurus and the Poppyseeds! Originals by Gabe Greenberg ’14, Jackie Soro ’14, and Noah Rush ’14.

PLUME GIANT! Yale’s favorite folk trio will melt your hearts with their sublime harmonies.

Coming straight from Brooklyn, the folk trio Tumbling Bones will play some raw bluegrassy tunes including a banjo, fiddle, and harmonica.

Come on out and delight your senses with plenty of guitar, fiddle, and acoustic folk harmonies. Ahhhhh. The show will begin around 9:30pm!

Where: Earth House
When: ~9:30 PM, tonight
What: An awesome concert. Everybody come!

200 Church Open Mic – TONIGHT

Remember your 9th grade poetry about getting squished into a gym room locker? Did you write a song (or appreciate a song) about racism, activism, environmental justice? Just looking for an outlet for some pent up emotions?

Express yourself – song, poem, dance, story, freestyle haiku – during WesFest at the 200 Church Social Justice Open Mic. Some of the cool acts will feature Wesleyan’s talented slam poets, acapella groups, and more!

We got NOMS like mini quiche, chips and refreshment.

  • Date:  TODAY, Friday, April 13
  • Time:  8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Place:  200 Church Street
  • Cost:  Free!

Vinyl Fantasy: The WESU Record Fair

No matter how you pronounce it, WESU wants me and you and everyone we know to come to the Record Fair this Sunday at Beckham Hall, 11 am – 4 pm. Why, you ask? Mary Barrett ’14 will (channel the radio station and) tell you:
  • Record fairs are great avenues for expanding your already impressive music collection.
  • The WESU Record Fair is FREE FOR ALL (open to the public).
  • There will be vendors galore, selling records, CDs, and posters. Posters!
  • WESU will be selling exclusive WESU merchandise.
  • You can enter a raffle to win a bunch of cool prizes; there’s gonna be a wheel!
  • FOOD TRUCKS will be posted up outside Beckham. And not just any food trucks: The Whey Station and Paul’s Ice Cream Truck.
  • DJs from our station (WESU) (in case that wasn’t clear) (from the rest of this post) will be spinning vinyl live all day.
  • You can literally get so much music for so cheap.
  • For all those WESU DJs-in-training, offering to help load/unload equipment just might get you a much-needed service hour.

Date: Sunday, April 15th
Time: 11 am – 4 pm
Place: Beckham Hall, Wyllys Ave, Middletown, CT 06459
Who: All ages
Why: Tunes ‘n food
Face: Book

Gag Reflex: The Remember the Alamo Show

From Gag Reflex ’74:

Susan bids her mother, “Open the curtains! It is time for my public weeping and urination!” Mrs. Horton, besmeared with pudding, floating above the stage, sustained in flight by pulleys and puppeteers, wafts towards the sandbags and thrusts at them with knives, releasing dunes. She shreds up small pieces of paper in orgiastic delight. She bids she be flown forward. She hovers above Susan and drops chickens on her head. Mrs. Horton delivers her first line: “Turn on the waffle iron, Susan!”

Susan screams, “I can’t!” She overturns the poker table and chases all her cats around the stage. The cats are mauling the chickens and having their horrid eyes pecked out. Mrs. Horton smudges dirt into clumps of cabbage. She tosses bananas into piles and spits on them, throws down her shoes. “No one loves you!”

Susan begins to cry. “One day I will be an enormous statue of a man!” Mrs. Horton shakes in fits of glee and gales out loud, “No chance!” Mrs. Horton descends upon a heap of bacon. “Piss!”

The stage is flooded and the playhouse and the audience are all swept out to sea and Enormous Charles, the pirate squid, cooks them with his lasers.

DATE: Today! Friday, April 13th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: Westco Cafe
COST: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$zero

Tanlines to Headline Zonker Harris Day 2012

Dashing WestCovian devil child Cal Hickox ’15 writes in about an incomparable WesFest classic that’s here to stay, alternative names be damned. This time around electro-pop duo Tanlines is headlining, set to talk the stage after (and before) sets by a veritable kaleidoscope of prolific WesBands (some of whom performed last year too). The weather’s supposed to be a darling, so let’s hope no one gets on P-Safe’s bad side:

Imagine… a place and a time where the world could come together as one.

Think hard; really try to taste the pure buttercup air; really try to feel all those wind turbines humming with satisfaction; and really, really, really try to see all those effervescent smiles plastered across the faces of a new tomorrow. Nice, isn’t it? Well I’ve got some good freakin’ news… This utopia is not out of reach! This is all it is: A unity based upon trust, love, harmony, innovation, …… and WHAT?!?! …… a man?