WesFest commences—along with Hill Season, Undies in Olin, and the Revenge of Chalking.

Happy WesFest! Happy prefrosh! Happy spring! Happy tenth anniversary year of Doug Bennet’s 2002 moratorium on chalking! Happy clothing optional library!

Sup, 2016? WesFest 2012 appears to be in full freakin’ swing, and the weather gods are cooperating for the first time since, like, 2009, so consider this a cheery “welcome to Wellesley” on behalf of a bunch of dorks on the internet. There’s a lot going on! As always, we advise you to head on over to the Wesleyan Propaganda Hegemony’s official WesFest calendar, but don’t look too closely if you’re a prefrosh—spend some time wandering, chillin’, foss hilling, and getting lost. There’s a lot of chaos, and the university wants you real bad (memo: you’re special), so take it all in. And don’t forget to scope out Wesleyan’s clothing optional library, which made a surprise resurgence earlier today.

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As esteemed colleague A-Batte eloquently addressed the Class of 2015 around this time last year,

Welcome one and all, prefrosh! First things first: If you wanna be Wesleyan Art College’s lover, you’ve gotta get with hir friends. Neverending friendship is indeed possible during your [probable] four years at Wesleyan, and WesFest has been specifically designed to bring out the best in student life so that the insidious hand of the University Homogenization Department remains hidden until you actually live here. So live it up: go to parties (how about that shindig at 200 Church last night?), go to classes (or not), go to one of the millions of talks, performances, screenings and more going on this weekend, and definitely enjoy the weather on Joss Hill after lunch this afternoon—someone has to tell the others what happened.

Sniff around, enjoy the hill, and make use of a few heartily helpful Wesleying tags: “things to do with your prefrosh,” “WesFest,” and—as always—”free fucking food.” We are all dying to meet you.

[credit to David Shimomura ’13 for the fast photoshopping]

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