What name do a nineteenth-century novela twentieth-century geographical formation, and a twenty-first century band share? Yeah, it’s time for a a shout-out to BEJEWELED ARCHIPELAGO!?!!… wait, shit, I mean Treasure Island.

To clear up all the confusion/misplaced hate out there, Treasure Island is Faith Harding ’14, Dema Paxton-Fofang ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, and Tobias Butler ’13.

The band, memorialized amidst all the ACB vitriol with the parenthetical “havent played in a while but good” are back on the live scene with a gig at tonight’s Battle of the Bands at Eclectic, where they will be playing alongside The AppledaughtersGrand CousinLyons DenPeace Museum, and Static Stamina.

In case you’re trying to catch them in the daylight, they’ll also be on Saturday afternoon in the WestCo courtyard for Zonker Harris Day with North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Grand Cousin, Featherwood Bee, and Tan Lines.

And for the really anti-social among us, they’ve also got their new single “College” available for download. Scoop it here.From Tobias:

We weren’t able to do any real recording so we programmed the drums and recorded the rest in a lo-rise living room with a borrowed microphone.

Their recordings from last April are also still available free here.

Where/when: Eclectic/tonight and WestCo courtyard/2pmtomorrow and the internetz/forever

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