Movement Building in the Belly of the Beast: Organizing in the Nonprofit Era

Meggie McGuire ’10 writes in about a conversation and workshop with Lex Horan ’10:

As non-profit organizations multiply, more and more people are questioning the ways that non-profits manage and limit social movements, within the U.S. and around the world. What are the opportunities and dangers in the non-profit model? How does thinking about activism as a “career” keep us from building mass movements? How does funding impact the politics and structures of organizations? Most importantly, how do we keep our organizing creative and fierce in this context? In this workshop, we’ll learn, critique, brainstorm, and look beyond the non-profit industrial complex to think about how we can build movements that win.

Lex Horan’10 lives in Minneapolis, MN, where he is a community organizer and fundraiser for the Trans Youth Support Network. He graduated from Wes in 2010. He is super skilled in facilitating conversations and trainings around numerous topics, including the prison system, LGBT issues (particularly trans politics), class privilege, and organizational development/strategic planning.This event is brought to you by the University Organizing Center, and co-sponsored by the African American Studies, Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies and American Studies Departments, with financial support from the SBC.

Date: Monday, April 16
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Place: 200 Church Lounge

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