Tanlines Bring “Real Life” to Zonka; Bouncin’ Ensues

HTML overlord Tobias Butler ’13 sends in video evidence of synth-pop duo Tanlines’ compulsively danceable ’80s nostalgia-fest in the WestCo Courtyard yesterday afternoon. The Brooklyn-based outfit took the stage after sets by tried-‘n-true Wes bands Lyon’s Den (read: not Lioness), North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Treasure Island, Spring Fling openers Peace Museum, and Grand Father. The clip depicts a whole lotta bouncin’ happening to the beat of Tanlines’ minor hit “Real Life,” which appears on the group’s just released debut LP Mixed Emotions. High five to the weather, too—there’s something to be said for the first sunny, uninterrupted Zonker Harris day since when I was a prefrosh.

Be sure to check out 2:03, when the whole front section of the crowd jumps in unison, and don’t miss A-Batte’s freakish arm choreography at approximately 00:45. Scroll on for a few more images from Tanlines’ and Grand Father’s spirited sets at Zonker Harris Day 2012.

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  • dude

    Featherwood Bee played too after tanlines

  • jkiamtoteshipstertoo:))

    i bet the kids sitting in the trees could smell the pretentiousness wafting from the crowd. smells like weed, but with an added hint of douche.  

    • Tamale

      not the smell of weed jkiamtoteshipstertoo:))…. that’s the smell of people tripping their balls off.

    • I agree

      yeah, listening to music is so pretentious 

  • Cousin

    Grand Father has a new name:  Space Father

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  • sneakergaze

    britta perry would love image 14 ^_^