My Beautiful Dark Twisted Course Schedule

In a continued effort to pleasantly surprise some students and crush others’ hopes and dreams, the administration  keeps the emotional train rolling with an email from Associate Registrar Paul Turenne on Pre-Registration, Adjustment, and various other terms that Kanye West rejected for album names.

If you take a look at the “Fall 2012 Pre-Registration” link from your student portfolio, you’ll see how many courses  you got scheduled in the initial round of pre-reg. The next round is Adjustment, when you revise your schedule according to availability and scheduling conflicts. The adjustment system is a Robin Hood-esque way to level the course schedule playing field: if you were only placed in one of the four courses you initially signed up for, you will get the first opportunity to choose from courses that are still available. Adjustment for the first group begins Wednesday, April 18, at 8 am.

Click on to read the full email from Mr. Turenne, who has nicely included a “Strategies and Tips” section but sadly excluded ice for the burn that I received upon reading the message. Does Wesleyan even know that I attend this school? Just sayin’.

Dear Student,

Good afternoon.

The scheduling program has been run on all finalized course plans, and you may now view your course schedule in your electronic portfolio.

You have been assigned an adjustment start time based on how many full credit courses you received. Students with fewer credits will begin earlier than those who received more. Your adjustment start time is located in the bottom frame of the pre-registration system, in red text.

At any point after your adjustment start time you may log into the pre-registration system and add courses that have seats available (up to four full credit classes). You may drop a class you were scheduled into during the scheduling period. You may also rank up four classes with a drop/add rank, which will be transferred to the drop/add system in September.

Adjustment for the first group will begin at 8am on Wednesday, April 18.

Adjustment ends for all students at 11:59pm on Tuesday, April 24.


*In the bottom frame of pre-registration, there is a “Refresh Course Selections” link. Clicking this link will refresh only the bottom frame, and once you are eligible for adjustment, any classes with seats available will have an “Enroll” button in the left hand column. Click “Enroll” to add the course.

*To find courses that have seats available, you can search WesMaps by clicking the “Search” link in the top frame, and checking the checkbox “Only show courses with Seats Available:” which is the last selection criteria.

*Any changes to your schedule must be approved by your advisor, who will be notified via email, similar to the drop/add system. You will see the status of each change reflected in the pre-registration system.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


Paul H. Turenne
Associate Registrar
Wesleyan University

Office of the University Registrar
North College Hall
237 High Street
Middletown, CT 06459-0212
860-685-2352 phone
860-685-2601 fax


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