Hey, Argus

I would like to just make a note about an article in your last issue, the one entitled “Spring Terp Show Wows, As Always.” It has come to my attention that in the rather extended reporting of the student-run dance showcase that involved a somewhat detailed personal reflection (refraction?) of the writer on each and every single piece, it seemed to have completely miss one dance in particular.

That dance, unfortunately, was mine.

Now, I am known in some (if not most) circles to be a complete diva—an utter raging drama queen, one could even say. But alas, it is neither fabulosity nor diva-nity that informs the writing of this post. I write today merely to give acknowledgments where acknowledgments are due, and to recognize the immense amount of work my dancers—and my friends—put in to my first and probably last frivolous attempt at choreography.

They are Hannah Plon ’14, Connor “Lonnor” Larkin ’12, Geri Rosenberg ’12, Huang Hsiao-Tung ’12, and, of course, my co-conspirator, Aditi Shivaramakrishnan ’12.

It might not have been the most coherent thing ever, but you folks should be recognized for your efforts, even if it’s not by the Argus.

Also—Argus, come on. Fact-check yo’ shit.

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7 thoughts on “Hey, Argus

  1. Michelle Agresti

    Hello! It’s Michelle, the writer of the article. Oh my god I am so sorry guys! This is completely my fault—I was going by the dances listed in the program and I actually must have skipped over yours completely somehow. I checked all the names and class years and didn’t check to make sure I had every dance. Of course I saw it, and I loved it. Aditi is one of our writers. So so so so sorry Aditi! I remember to tell the entire section to come see you and then don’t put you in the actual article. You’re totally justified in being annoyed. Once again, I am so so so sorry for my oversight, and I definitely should have checked the program again. 

    1. frostedmoose

      hey hey – thanks for getting back; it’s totally cool, michelle. i’ll get you coffee sometime or something.

  2. derpsichore

    This kind of stuff just makes you look ridiculously petty. stop using Wesleying for your personal problems.

    1. frostedmoose

      I’m a petty person, what can I say?

      Also, I work a fuckload on this blog, so I do whatever the hell I want with it – beneath Zach’s purview, of course. 

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