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Precision Ensemble Show & Workshop!

Alo! Once again, professional Asian baby peddler Cynthia Tong ’14 writes in to inform us about this thing that’s going on this weekend. If you’re in any way interested in bright colors, exclamation points, booty-shaking, and the ’70s Queen of Funk, listen up.

Precision Ensemble, a seriously whacked-out student dance troupe, is holding shows this coming Friday and Saturday night at the Memorial Chapel. It’s free, it’s fabulous, and it’s on Facebook (god I love alliterations). Furthermore, it’s only a half hour long, so you can totally hit it up and then stumble off elsewhere to chase the night. ALSO! They’re holding a dance workshop on Saturday at the Fayerweather dance room – also free – where they will teach moves from one of their dances.

Sounds good? Here’s one more selling point: I don’t know about you, but considering the vivacious spectrum of colors they will be donning, heck, the Friday show will be probably be friggin’ sweet.

Day: Friday (show), Saturday (show and workshop)
Time: 8pm (shows), 3pm-4pm (workshop)
Place: Memorial Chapel (show), Fayerweather Dance Room (workshop)

Sponsored by The Adelphic Educational Fund, SALD and ResLife

Take Back the Night

So, listen up. Greta Ramdin ’12, Michelle Agresti ’14, Caillin Puente ’15, Virgil Taylor ’15, and Enjie Romero-Garcia ’12 writes in:

Take Back the Night started in the ’70s. We march to raise awareness about sexual violence and demonstrate support for those, regardless of gender, who have been abused or assaulted. We gather as a community to march across campus to form speak out circles. At these circles assault survivors are invited to share their stories with friends and supporters. A candle light vigil marks the end of this experience, and a capella groups will be performing songs at the beginning of the march and at the speak-out circle.

Date: Tonight (April 19)
Time: 7.30pm – 10.00pm
Place: Starts on the Olin steps, moves around campus after that

Earth Week Film Series Presents: “The Water Front”

What if you lived by the largest body of fresh water in the world but could no longer afford to use it?

Residents of Highland Park, Michigan, known as the birthplace of the auto-industry, have received water bills as high as $10,000; they have had their water turned off, their homes foreclosed, and are struggling to keep water, a basic human right, from becoming privatized. The Water Front is the story of an American city in crisis but it is not just about water. The story touches on the very essence of our democratic system and is an unnerving indication of what is in store for residents around the world facing their own water struggles. (53 minutes, 2007).

Preceded by a presentation from the “Bottled Water Interns,” Melody Oliphant ’13 and Hailey Still ’12 on their work this semester in eliminating bottled water once and for all from the Wesleyan Campus!

Date: Tonight, April 19
Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Place: PAC 002
Cost: Free

“Multitrack Diplomacy: Building Trust between Hostile States” with Jenny Town

Tess Lemon ’14 (any relation to Liz Lemon?) writes in

This presentation will discuss the role of Track II diplomacy State-to-state relations with “hostile” states, and provides some real world examples of efforts that are currently underway by U.S. nongovernmental actors with both the DPRK and Myanmar. These case studies will analyze a range of Track II engagement strategies and their widely differing results.

Jenny Town is a Research Associate at the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, where her research and program areas include issues related to North Korea, Korea’s regional relations, human rights, and nuclear energy policies. She manages USKI’s Working Paper Series, the DPRK Economic Forum, and the web-initiative 38 North. Prior to joining USKI, she worked for the Human Rights in North Korea Project at Freedom House.

Brought to you by Liberty in North Korea & Korean Students Association. Sponsored by the Government Department, April Committee, ResLife Staff, and SBC.

Date: Tuh-day (April 19)
Time: 5pm – 7pm
Place: Squash Courts RM 114
Cost: Free

Film Series: Without a Fight

2012. USA. Dir: Jason Arthurs. Documentary. 80 min.

Without a Fight: documentary trailer (formerly Chasing the Mad Lion) from Jason Arthurs on Vimeo.

In the slums of Kibera, soccer may be the most promising vessel of social change, offering youth an escape from and alternative to the unrest and tribal violence. This doc profiles youth as they prepare for the local championship between a SHOFCO team and another named More Fire. Speakers: the film’s producer, its director, and one of its subjects. Co-sponsored by SHOFCO.

Tonight. 8pm. Goldsmith Family Cinema. Free.

Desperate Measure’s 24 Hour Show

From Mark Popinchalk ’13:

Desperate Measures is building up to their annual 24 Hour Show this weekend, by releasing short little video spots about Wesleyan, the show, and life in general. Here is a link to the first video,

Catch each new video on YouTube all week, and be sure to see some if not all of the 24 hour show this weekend, Friday 9 PM to Saturday 9 PM in the WestCo Lounge.

Date: Friday, April 20- Saturday, April 21
Time: 9:00PM-9:00PM
Place: Westco Lounge
Cost: Soul

Shasha seminar on the Political Economy of Oil, today and tomorrow

Well, it’s nice to know Gov prof. Peter Rutland reads Wesleying. What’s up, doc? He writes in:

You are encouraged to attend the following events, part of the Shasha Seminar on the Political Economy of Oil.

“Should the Keystone pipeline be built?”
A debate between students from Wesleyan’s politics of oil class and a
class from UConn. Today (April 19), 4.30 pm in Shanklin 107.

“Protecting Our Environment in Turbulent Times”
Lecture by Daniel C. Esty Commissioner of the Connecticut Department
of Energy and Environmental Protection
Today (April 19), 8:00 p.m. in Memorial Chapel.

“The Big Shake-Up. Changing Perceptions of Energy Independence”
Steve LeVine Author, The Oil and the Glory
Friday (April 20), 1.00 p.m. in Beckham Hall.

You are also welcome to attend the panels which will be running from
9.00-5.00 on on Friday (April 20) in Beckham Hall. You can find the
program here.

Y’all Get Back Now: Big Freedia, Take Two

Y’all better stop all this foolishness, cuz Eclectic’s tryna shake.

Remember in February when Sissy Bounce queen diva Big Freedia descended on ye olde Wes? When the New Orleans star forever changed the state of booty-poppin’ on campus with her bounce workshop, when she set Eclectic Haus aflame with her moves and basically made College Row look just like the scene in her masterful “Y’all Get Back Now” video (directed by Bob Weisz ’07 and Josh Ente ’08)?

Well, no. I don’t. Health issues came up, and Big Freedia had to postpone on the day of the show. (“She got the gastro,” claims anonymous commenter #1.) (Remember when gastro was a thing?) I cried myself to sleep and wondered if I would ever get to attend a booty-shaking workshop by the queen of booty-shaking. This time, it’s for real, and recently acclaimed Eclectic alum LE1F (Khalif Diouf ’11) is opening the show. Dylan Bostick ’13 has more:

One of, if not the central figure in New Orleans Sissy Bounce, Big Freedia has become famous for putting on some of the wildest dance parties and bringing bounce to the rest of the world. At 8:45, Freedia will also lead a lecture on New Orleans Bounce Music as well as a hands-on booty-shaking workshop.

LE1F: Pre-released tracks from his mixtape Dark York have received critical acclaim by Pitchfork, the Fader, and more, and now the day after his mixtape release, Le1f is coming back to Wesleyan!

Transforming Education in Rural India


This broadcast is brought to you by Alex Pogosky ’13:

IMPACT India is a new group on campus that is collaborating with an established NGO in New Delhi to help provide education to girls of economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds in rural India, who would not otherwise have such opportunities. Our mission is to fund a Wesleyan-sponsored school that will increase access to primary education for girls between the ages of 6 and 14. We’re also trying to create curricula targeting their personal needs. This will encourage them to become independent thinkers in an intellectually stimulating environment, which will ultimately aid in transforming these communities.

Our first meeting is on Thursday so come on by to hear what we’re hoping to do and share your own ideas! We’re open to any suggestions, and will have yummy Indian desserts!

Date: Thurs., April 19
Time: 7-8PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 115
Cost: Free