A Very Wes Tribute to Levon Helm

Earlier this week, Levon Helm’s family reported that the legendary Band vocalist and drummer was in the final stages of throat cancer. Today, Helm succumbed to the illness at the age of 71.

Wesleyan has its own Band cover band—they are called, appropriately, the Band Cover Band Band. The group, whose members are culled from the classes of 2006 and 2007, performed in Middletown during Reunion & Commencement weekend last year. If you missed it, though, you can scope five deep cuts from that performance on YouTube, including unforgettables “The Weight,” “Up On Cripple Creek,” and “The Shape I’m In.” Hopefully we’ll see the Band Cover Band Band on campus again (maybe even headlining Spring Fling at this point).

RIP, Levon Helm.

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4 thoughts on “A Very Wes Tribute to Levon Helm

  1. Jwesley

    Thanks for this post Zach, we are all grieving the loss of an American icon and musical hero.  I am grateful that I had the chance to see him play live this past September, one of the joys of my life. Peace and rest to Levon, the Midnight Rambler.  

    Best to Wes and the current Band Cover Band (who are awesome), we saw them play last May behind Fountain and joined them for a few tunes- it was epic.  Only at Wesleyan would there be two different cover bands dedicated to The Band within a span of five years.  life is a carnival.

    ~john wesley, ’06, jawharp player in the Band Cover Band Band

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