Precision Ensemble Show & Workshop!

Alo! Once again, professional Asian baby peddler Cynthia Tong ’14 writes in to inform us about this thing that’s going on this weekend. If you’re in any way interested in bright colors, exclamation points, booty-shaking, and the ’70s Queen of Funk, listen up.

Precision Ensemble, a seriously whacked-out student dance troupe, is holding shows this coming Friday and Saturday night at the Memorial Chapel. It’s free, it’s fabulous, and it’s on Facebook (god I love alliterations). Furthermore, it’s only a half hour long, so you can totally hit it up and then stumble off elsewhere to chase the night. ALSO! They’re holding a dance workshop on Saturday at the Fayerweather dance room – also free – where they will teach moves from one of their dances.

Sounds good? Here’s one more selling point: I don’t know about you, but considering the vivacious spectrum of colors they will be donning, heck, the Friday show will be probably be friggin’ sweet.

Day: Friday (show), Saturday (show and workshop)
Time: 8pm (shows), 3pm-4pm (workshop)
Place: Memorial Chapel (show), Fayerweather Dance Room (workshop)

Sponsored by The Adelphic Educational Fund, SALD and ResLife

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