Smile: You’re On P-Safe’s Camera

You’re on my camera, too, but contact us if you want a specific photo removed.

Happy 4/20, y’all—the hills are alive with the sound of P-Safe officers stomping out joints left and right. For the first time since Tour De Franzia last spring, P-Safe officers brought out the video cameras and pushed sternly through the crowd, filming your stoned faces like Michael Bay crossed with your mom. Anyone know where this footage is going? Michael Roth? Admissions information sessions? The Wesleyan Parents’ Listserv?

Special shout-out to the horse head, the carnival tent, the mariachi band, and the MINDS members giving out baked goods for Facebook likes. For previous 4/20s on the hill, click here, here, here, here, or here.

Roll on for a full gallery, brah.

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11 thoughts on “Smile: You’re On P-Safe’s Camera

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  4. FuckScottBacker

    From my WSA days, I learned PSAFE uses the cameras as a deterrent. They CANNOT use the footage in SJB hearings as evidence against you. They do it to freak you out but it has no judicial weight.

      1. Falsetruth

        They put the video in the Wesleyan Archives to record the true history of the student body beyond what Admissions says about this place. They do not get kids in trouble, but it is a troubling sight. 

    1. Guest

      Why would they not be able to use the footage as evidence against you? That just wouldn’t make any sense.

      1. Aoiwejf

        Just speculating here, but my guess is that since the problem here would be smoking weed, the video footage is circumstantial. They can’t SJB you for being on Foss Hill at the wrong time, and the video footage can’t prove you were high on weed. Even if they record you smoking a joint, they can’t prove that it was actually weed in it, only that it looked similar to other things which often have weed in them. 

        1. Guest

          Hm, that makes sense, except that the SJB uses a lower standard of proof than what’s used in criminal cases in the real world, so they may still be able to use the footage to make a case. But presumably this is only if they got people’s names, and I didn’t see them writing people up.

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