Claire Randall’s senior recital

Insomnia = productivity; Claire Randall ’12 drops the bass:

Is your sweet tooth craving some sugar? Have you nothing to do now that your thesis is done? Want to spice up your Sunday stew?
Come on over to Crowell Concert Hall on Sunday 4/22 to get down with some hep cats who’ll be burnin’ it up on some of the hottest “hep-est” standards around. Featuring yours truly, and a whole lot of your friends! (The list of friends after the jump)

Licks. Hot licks, daddy-o. It’s gonna be a real gas. Plus it would mean a whole lot to me to see your face (and the rest of your body) there!

Reception to follow in Downey House lounge.

Date: Sunday, April 22 (EARTHDAY)
Time: 7.00-8.00pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall

Sam Friedman- special guest harp
Gabe Gordon- ivories
Spencer Hattendorf – tenor
Matt Hurwit – skins
Adam Jaskol- bari
Henry Lugo- doghouse
Myles Potters- trumpet


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