Celebration of Real Food

WesFresh put on a great event on Saturday to celebrate the university’s commitment to  increase “real food” at Wesleyan to 20% by 2020. The CFA Courtyard was filled with brightly-clothed earth lovers swaying to the bike-powered concert on stage, courtesy of the College of the Environment’s bike generator (run by 10 bikers biking in place the whole time). A very-proud-of-Wesleyan President Michael Roth was bopping to the music and beaming at everything around him. And how could he not be proud? Weskids did all of this!

The event started with a set by Ratched and the Lunatics (Raechel Rosen ’15Shourya Sen ’15,  Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15, Robert Don ’15, Rachel Pradilla ’15, Annie Maxwell ’15, Jacob Masters ’15), the 2015 Best in Class band, with numbers like their improvised “real food” ballad. Second set was played by Throat Throttle (Isaac Silk ’14, Derek Frank ’15, Jack Singer ’15), with jazz-synth pieces featuring a bunch of different drummers from the audience. The dining staff prepared a savory, local meal (really, the food was great). The bikers were the most prominent part of the event; announcements between music sets like, “There can’t be any more music until we get more bikers,” and then audience members running to get onto the bikes, made the people power behind the event tangible. The casual acroyoga and beautiful weather topped it all off.

Thanks to A-Batte for the video of bikers. Thanks to YouTube for automatic shake-reducing feature.

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  2. Danid Drangle '13

    wow throat throggle plaid a great a show and made a at least a couple laughs!! i’m gonna have those boys play at my party and i hope everyone is invited

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