WSA Presidential Debate LIVE-BLOG Tonight @ 6:30pm EST

What’s up Wesleying. Trilla Flocka Whateverstein ’13 here. I haven’t live-blogged anything since the 2011 Oscars, but tonight I’ll be walking you through the entire WSA Presidential Debate, which you can attend in person as well on the first floor of Usdan at 6:30. I might even be joined by melodious. And maybe a surprise guest, like dark horse write-in candiate A-Batte. We’ll find out soon.

Check  back at 6:30 for the good shit. It’s on.

Arya Alizadeh ’13 vs. current president Zach Malter ’13 vs. the dark horse himself, A-Batte ’13 (who won’t be debating sadly so read this). Another way to look at it: the oddly beardless right now vs. the never been beardless? vs. the dark horse “candidate” Anwar.

Let’s go. Click past the jump for the live-blog.


7:43 pm killofrights wrote:

My final thoughts:

Frankly, not that much came to light. The candidates were in agreement on almost everything (except CTRL-F corruption on the live-blog to see an interesting disparity about the SBC? Mostly, they both want to help students a lot.

I’ll remind everyone that there is a dark horse candidate still in the running who was also blogging (and SO WELL) tonight. So you’re not limited to two options.

My fellow bloggers did a great job, I’m sure. Thanks to them. This was fun. Here’s a picture of us at the end. Good night world.


Photo on 2012-04-23 at 19.40

7:41 pm Melodious wrote:

More, more, more! Zach is bringin’ in a time of luxury for us! Student jobs, study spaces, the list goes on!

Zach looks forward to meeting anyone who he doesn’t know here already. Well, I’m sorry, but you know everyone here, Zachary! Because they’re all either on the WSA or were on the WSA at one point.. Let’s hear it for an involved student body, Wes!

7:40 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach: Let’s get more involved with student groups and [list of student concerns he found out about from canvassing].

I’ll note that Zach did come to my door a few days ago.

7:39 pm A-Batte wrote:

Zach’s closing statement in a sentence not written by Zach: More [good thing].

7:39 pm A-Batte wrote:

Arya’s closing statement in one sentence not said by Arya: Represent the whole student body.

7:38 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya: “I want to make the WSA a tool for students”

Last time I checked, being called a “tool” wasn’t a cool or positive thing. Choice words.

7:38 pm A-Batte wrote:

Closing statements! Syed is ignoring my question closing off questions due to time.

7:38 pm Melodious wrote:

Closing statements, finally! I thought this debate would never end.. in a good way?

7:37 pm killofrights wrote:

Closing statement time. Pretty psyched, aren’t you?

7:37 pm Melodious wrote:

Zach sees himself as a student representative, which means representing the student body and the student voice. Talks about meeting with students and student groups outside of the WSA, which I can personally attest to in his day-to-day. Grace Zimmerman ’13 agrees, “Nailed it, Zach!” Zach is too legit to quit.. this race for Presidency.

7:37 pm A-Batte wrote:

Pretty much everyone watching is on the WSA now. Quick count: 10/20. 50% is totally “pretty much everyone”.

7:36 pm killofrights wrote:

“Wesleyan students are very smart.” – Arya.

FINALLY! Someone had to say it.

7:36 pm killofrights wrote:

I’m estimated 50 percent of the maybe 20 people listening are on the WSA.

7:35 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach says he seldom disagrees enough with students to have to go against them. He agrees with students, was the gist of that.

7:35 pm A-Batte wrote:

Zach: People not on the WSA bring in important viewpoints that WSA people have never considered. Zach’s general philosophy is partnering with students. He’s never felt he’s disagreed with the student voice strongly enough to try and oppose it.

7:34 pm A-Batte wrote:

Q3: “WSA members often have more knowledge on certain issues”. If issues arise where WSA members diverge from students, whose side should be taken?

Arya: Everyone should be on the same page – so when WSA people know things from administrative meetings, they should tell people.

If the majority of students want something he doesn’t, he should go with ‘em: Arya was at first against minors, but now that they’re here, it’s alright.

7:34 pm killofrights wrote:

“Does the WSA know better than the student body?” is the focus of the next question. Arya says everyone has to be on the same page. But he says STUDENTS know best. He didn’t initially support minors. But he says that was a mistake.

I say: Yes, Arya. A big mistake. (Just kidding, I’m still impartial).

7:32 pm killofrights wrote:

If you want me to ask a question, if anyone is following this, please comment on the post.

7:32 pm A-Batte wrote:

Arya: What Zach said, basically. Also, the Campus Republicans aren’t popular – but shouldn’t they still be represented? (Yes?) Athletics as an example of something not adequately protected rises again. Wes = diversity par-tay!

7:32 pm killofrights wrote:

My fingers are gettin’ to me. A lot of typing.

7:32 pm Melodious wrote:

Can we all agree that the candidates agree on most issues? Just get out there and vote already, Wesleyan!

7:31 pm killofrights wrote:

Both Zak and Jana have their shirts off across the room. I’m distracted, sorry.

7:31 pm killofrights wrote:

Now Arya is agreeing that it’s hard to define “underrepresented.” But mostly they’re talking about identities and diversity.

7:30 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach wants a diverse WSA. Not just identity, but also athletes and non-athletes.

7:30 pm Melodious wrote:

Here’s the question I want to ask (but didn’t because I didn’t get my question in to Syed in time): Would you run for the WSA again even if you’re not elected as President? We all know what happened last year, amiright Joe O’Donnell?!

7:30 pm A-Batte wrote:

Follow-up question: How do you define underrepresented?

Zach: I don’t have a strict one. First mentions of “privelege” and “hierarchy” all debate. Diversity is central, doe. He thinks the WSA should be recruiting!

7:29 pm killofrights wrote:

Underrepresented groups are still the focus. Zach brings up diversity as an issue of central importance…on the committee itself.

7:28 pm killofrights wrote:

WILL SAYS: I wonder how many typos I’ve made.

7:28 pm killofrights wrote:

I’ll be honest, I’m convinced that both candidates would do a great job. They both care a lot.

7:28 pm killofrights wrote:

Repeating themselves, but Zach says he has more experience bringing student groups together.

7:27 pm A-Batte wrote:

By the way, the crowd has cleared the fuck out over the last 15 minutes.

7:27 pm killofrights wrote:

If I’m coming off as harsh ever, sorry. Really. Just bein’ me.

7:27 pm A-Batte wrote:

Audience Q: How will the candidates reach out to underrepresented students and student groups?

Arya: Students might not be aware of the ways there are to reach out to the WSA (like the Suggestion Box, or the email account). He’s talking about finding out what’s important to students day-to-day.

Zach: Helping underrepresented groups is why he does what he does. He thinks that part of the negative impression of the WSA is based on the organization not being seen as a very representative organization. He was able to get people from [committees] to come together 2 liek wrrk on stuf. Reaching out and holding conversations is where it’s at. He was the only WSA person who wanted to be a part of MEI.

7:27 pm killofrights wrote:

Well they both wanna reach out to underrepresented groups on campus. That’s good. These guys both got the right idea!

7:26 pm Melodious wrote:

The crowd is really thinning out. Yet, Zach and Arya remain thorough and insightful in their answers. Is that awkward or commendable? Maybe it’s both?

7:25 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach says he always fights for underrepresented groups, like reaching out to the UOC.

7:24 pm killofrights wrote:

Alex Miller ’12 walks down the stairs. I love him.

7:24 pm killofrights wrote:

As Usdan nears its non-peak hours, the crowd has dissipated and we can actually hear everything said. It also becomes apparent how few people were here to listen to this, which confirmed my earlier suspicions.

7:22 pm killofrights wrote:

WILL SAYS: I wonder how many people are going read this live blog.

7:22 pm A-Batte wrote:

The rebuttals to the question responses have been reeeal repetitive, and this question is no exception. Just sayin’.

7:22 pm killofrights wrote:

That was a joke. But he’s totally hung.

7:21 pm killofrights wrote:

Sam, after only one semester, has a ton under his belt, Arya says. I’ve seen Sam naked, and I will agree with that statement.

7:21 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach lists Mari’s accomplishments, related to course access issues and getting more student forums. “I’m much more convinced by someone who can actually prove themselves,” Zach says. Oh shit, Sam Ebb, did you hear that SHIT? You gonna sit and take that?

7:20 pm A-Batte wrote:

Burlesque people changed. Current table occupant is fully clothed.

7:20 pm killofrights wrote:

Correction on what I’d said a little earlier: Arya says Sam is a projects guy who will complement him. He says Sam doesn’t wear hats, like he does.

7:20 pm A-Batte wrote:

Arya on Sam: We work together reeeal well. In Sam’s <1 semester on the WSA, he’s finished or made progress on several projects, like Cardinal Connect. Melodious: “Sounds like a projects-based organization to me!” Arya must have heard, because he talks about Sam balancing him out by working more on projects while he focuses on policy.


7:19 pm killofrights wrote:

Zak Malik has lost his shirt across the room. What else is new?

7:19 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya says he and Sam work really well together.

7:18 pm A-Batte wrote:

Running mate compliment time!

Zach on Mari: “She runs shit” [paraphrased]. She has amazing follow-through, convincing to administrators, level-headed, personable, just soooo many good things (I missed the list of projects, like Academic Minors, Mari was involved with).

7:18 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya: “What can I say about Sam? I feel like this is a wedding speech or something.”

7:18 pm killofrights wrote:

Mari is very level headed, Zach says. Well I’m glad we don’t have some sort of basket case as a candidate!

7:18 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach praising Mari on her getting shit DONE. Gets an “Awoooo!” shout from the audience.

7:17 pm killofrights wrote:

They’re gonna talk about their running mates!!!!!!! Cute.

7:17 pm A-Batte wrote:

Benny Docter ’14 smiles at me for a while before saying something I couldn’t quite hear. killofrights laughed pretty hard, though. Sorry, buddy!

7:17 pm killofrights wrote:

Syed is about to open this up to questions from the audience.

7:16 pm killofrights wrote:

Right now they’re all like “Yes, disability rights are important and we need to do stuff about it.”

7:16 pm killofrights wrote:

The wonderful Manon Lefevre ’14 has taken a seat next to me. She’s wearing a yellow cardigan.

7:15 pm killofrights wrote:

Maybe that’s just me.

7:15 pm killofrights wrote:

WILL SAYS: Why do these questions need rebuttals if they’re going to say such similar things that don’t contradict each other most of the time? Can’t they just each answer once?

7:15 pm A-Batte wrote:

Final question from the Internet!: What actions will you take to improve accessibility at Wesleyan?

Arrrrrya: It’s gonna be a facilities and campus culture issue. First: Make administrators and students realize that a unified campus is a priority. He talks about the ridiculousness of not having fast elevators (getting to class on time) or access ramps for physically disabled students (the UOC lacks such a structure).

Zach: Says that working with Wesleyan SDR is the best way forward – Nicole Updegrove ’14 is on that, apparently. Also, partnerships with faculty members. “I think this is really an opportunity for partnership.” He also wants to combat stigmas agents disabled stigmas.

7:14 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach also wants to remove stigmas related to students with disabilities. Admits that both candidates have a lot to learn about this.

7:14 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach gets a good response when he says we should partner with Wesleyan Students for Disability rights in order to facilitate change.

7:13 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya sure wants faster elevators for everyone.

7:13 pm killofrights wrote:

Idea: Next year, let’s hold this debate at NOT during dinner while Usdan is slappin’.

7:12 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya on the accessibility issue: this has to be a priority if we want to have a unified campus.

7:11 pm killofrights wrote:

Onto the final question, like on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire.

7:11 pm killofrights wrote:

They’re both repeating themselves.

7:10 pm killofrights wrote:

This question and this answer are boring. Zach also talks about basically reaching out to students and letting people be involved and getting things done and canvassing and tabling and “a lot of ideas.” He wants to focus on students serving student groups and not serving internal bureaucracy.

7:10 pm A-Batte wrote:

Burlesque table people aren’t wearing shirts. Good call.

7:09 pm A-Batte wrote:

Next question from the internet: “What, if any, changes would you make to the way the WSA functions to improve efficiency and innovation?”

Zach: More polls to the student body. Bringing student groups into more conversations. He thinks the WSA wastes time with a lot of “bureaucratic nonsense”, and gets impatient with internal affairs (long-ass meeting last night).

Arya: He wants to run a very tight ship. He sees this as enabling student connection to the WSA, as well as engaging with students on the ground. Also cites informing students of WSA work as crucial.

7:08 pm killofrights wrote:

Zak Malik yells my name across the room. Shouts to Zak Malik. He’s such a kid I love.

7:08 pm Melodious wrote:

Bump dis debate. I’m going to get food. See ya in a sec!

7:08 pm killofrights wrote:

Anwar is eating my green beans off my plate right now. Kid likes to stay healthy. You like healthy kids?

7:07 pm Melodious wrote:

Zach wants to set up a polling system in order to keep a better pulse on students’ interests. I love polls! Seriously, Survey Monkey, Google Forms, get at me!

7:07 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach wants more polls. WSA members deal with too much nonsense and doesn’t get things done.

WILL SAYS: Uh…that’s his administation, right…?

7:06 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach wins me over as he puts down the Matisyahu concert as a complete travesty.

7:05 pm killofrights wrote:

“Last year, they were stealing your money. That’s messed up.” But Arya says they were able to fund our activities.

7:05 pm Melodious wrote:

A-Batte is really getting confused. Arya is pulling a classic Romney flip-flop on his feelings about corruption. What’s a little corruption and squandering of funds to get some free meals among friends?! Quit being so old-fashioned, Wes.

7:04 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya says he meant that corruption is bad, but if it means a better Wesleyan student experience, he’d choose that over a non-functional SBC.

7:04 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach adamantly disagrees that a corrupt SBC is better. He berates last year’s SBC for spending its money on personal expenditures. He says it’s absolutely unacceptable. This year’s outcome: not optimal either, he says. But corruption: unacceptable.

7:04 pm Melodious wrote:

“We need to be able to fund the student groups… The role of the SBC should be to benefit all of campus.” Amen, Arya! As a former SBC member, I must say this year must have sort of mismanaged the funds in a big way to run out of money two weeks earlier without any Matisyahu scandals lingering about.. But, Zach raises good points about diminishing corruption, which could have enabled more funds to go to student groups last year.

7:03 pm killofrights wrote:

He says the SBC didn’t necessarily do a good job this year of communicating with student groups. “The role of the SBC should be to benefit all of campus.”

7:02 pm killofrights wrote:

He says it doesn’t have to be corrupt, but that managing it needs to be better.

7:01 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya: Would you rather have a corrupt SBC that does its job properly or a morally sound SBC that doesn’t do so well.

He prefers the CORRUPT SBC. You read that right.

7:01 pm Melodious wrote:

Given two recent Argus articles about the SBC, which do you feel is more important: the ethically questionable practices of last year’s committee, which funded all groups, or this year’s committee, which despite remaining morally sound, was unable to fund the groups who came before the committee?

7:01 pm killofrights wrote:

That was me editorializing. Not everyone hates the SBC.

7:00 pm killofrights wrote:

Ooh they’re about to talk about the SBC, one of the most hated groups on campus.

7:00 pm A-Batte wrote:

Arya’s appeal to the importance of policy is grounded in the administrative push against student rights (#KeepWesWeird?).

7:00 pm killofrights wrote:

Percentage of people on Usdan first floor paying attention to this debate: questionable.

7:00 pm Melodious wrote:

I believe it was “touchstones,” WackaFlockaFeinstein.


6:59 pm killofrights wrote:

ARYA just pulled an “oh shit, got ‘em!” moment, saying that one of the projects Zach brought up was actually brought up in HIS committee. OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

6:59 pm A-Batte wrote:

Zach’s two points in response: Point one is projects he’s been working on like WesBooks, the Art Library resolution, etc.

Zach mentions Bandfire as a core example of the importance of projects.

What was the second point? My life is so hard.

6:59 pm killofrights wrote:

“Students need to be first, and thanks.” — Zach ending his statement.

6:59 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach says projects ARE important. He also used the phrase “touchtones of my administration.” Ok.

6:58 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya plugs his running mate, Sam Ebb ’13, for the first time. He says Sam’s a policy guy, he’s a projects guy. A good combo? You decide.

6:58 pm Melodious wrote:

The love connection between Sam and Arya is getting some air time in this debate. Give me some dissonance here! I’m tired of agreement and love.

6:57 pm A-Batte wrote:

Watching Will try to type Arya’s response is hilarious. He might actually be dying at the keyboard.

6:57 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya says we’ve been too projects-based. He says we should get more students’ ideas and projects, because mostly we’re getting just WSA sponsored projects. Summary: the WSA are a bunch of insiders!

I (Will) say: We need an outsider!

6:56 pm A-Batte wrote:

The next time Zach references “standing up to the administration”, I’m going to shout something. What should I shout?

6:56 pm killofrights wrote:

We’re discussing policy vs. projects as a priority on the WSA. Zach says we should do both and just do everything we can students. He also wants to STAND UP TO THE ADMINISTRATION. I say, YEAH, FIGHT THE MAN.

6:55 pm Melodious wrote:

Do you believe that the WSA should be a policy or.. project based organization?

We’re struggling to understand people on the mic. “I think the WSA can do both.” – Zach. So Wes, amiright?!

6:55 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Aight – I’m outta here. Good luck, my homies.

6:54 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Do those schools actually do that?

6:54 pm A-Batte wrote:


6:54 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya wants chalk to actually be available (but not to M. Roth) around campus so anyone can use it. He wants to use the Northwestern University and U. Chicago model where the school provides chalk.

6:53 pm Melodious wrote:

Zach re: Chalking, “I’ve chalked myself.” He’s a man of the people! I want to see that chalk self-portrait, Zachary.

6:53 pm A-Batte wrote:

Zach on chalking: Zach agrees with Arya and wants the ban repealed. He’s been working, he says, to make the argument to administration. He’s chalked himself! Mein gott!

Zach talks about the WSA meeting in Fauver Lounge a few weeks ago which featured an open forum on chalking as evidence of his work.

6:53 pm killofrights wrote:

We’re still wasting time on the chalking non-issue.

6:52 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Both candidates are practically reciting positions they’ve already put forward in their Wesleying interview.

6:52 pm killofrights wrote:

“I’ve chalked myself.” – Zach

6:52 pm killofrights wrote:

He does.

6:52 pm killofrights wrote:

Let’s see if Zach agrees.

6:52 pm frostedmoose wrote:

The ground floor of Usdan is somewhat packed – students crowd tables, many laptops, many sandwiches, many peanut butter bars. Anwar eyes the crowd solemnly – he feels his people. He feels the calling.

6:52 pm killofrights wrote:

Ok Will Feinstein (me) says: I don’t think chalking is an actual issue that needs to be discussed here. Does anyone actually think chalking is a bad idea?

6:51 pm Melodious wrote:

Everyone eating dinner upstairs really needs to hush. Don’t they know there’s a spirited political debate going on here? And here Wesleyan claims to care about Democracy!

6:51 pm A-Batte wrote:


6:51 pm killofrights wrote:

The chalking rule is the topic of discussion right now. Arya says chalking is a way for students to get their voice out.

6:50 pm Melodious wrote:

Questions are just a social construct. Syed’s next question: Chalking, go!

6:50 pm A-Batte wrote:

Arya’s response to the “wat u lub ’bout skoo” question: Arya likes us – the students. How corny, lolol! He talks about the various roles students fill (activists, athletes, etc.) and still be comfortable with each other.

Arya talks about the importance of trust. He sees students as “really smart, but also very creative” when it comes to suggestions for improvement of the school.

6:50 pm killofrights wrote:

If you’re still deciding who to vote for, it’s not clear yet.

6:50 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Reminds me of K$sha’s “WE R WHO WE R”

6:50 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya trusts the student body. I dunno, Arya, have you met some of the sleaze-bags who go here?

6:50 pm Melodious wrote:

Someone in Usdan has taken off their shirt. I’m thinking they’re seated at the Burlesque table, but things in this debate are really heating up! Just kidding. It’s actually very calm and collected in here. Zzzzz….

6:50 pm frostedmoose wrote:


Believes in the multi-faceted nature of Wesleyan students. Believes that the administration does not recognize the student’s ability to make creative solutions for the school. Wants to deal with that.

6:49 pm killofrights wrote:

“We can really be who we want to be.” – Arya. Well I’m glad someone thinks so!!

6:49 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Arya’s Answer to First Question

What do I love about Wesleyan?

“It’s us. It’s about the individual students.”

6:49 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach says he wants to repeal the chalking ban. In my opinion, the ban hasn’t stopped anyone. You know who’s never been stopped by the chalking ban? ANWAR.

6:48 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Zach’s Answer to the First Question

“The vibrant student group culture – it’s active students who care about giving back to the community and back to the world in various ways.”

Believes that the WSA should be a facilitator and a resource to student groups. Thinks that chalking is something that should be permitted – because it’s part of Wesleyan culture.

6:48 pm A-Batte wrote:

Zach: “I don’t really know how to use a microphone, but I’ll try my best.” That’s the spirit!

6:48 pm Melodious wrote:

First Question: What is your favorite thing about Wesleyan? And how do you represent Wesleyan?

Note: Zach admits to not knowing how to use a microphone. Who is this guy?!

6:47 pm killofrights wrote:

“I’m not afraid to take on the administration,” says Zach. The real question is, the administration afraid of Zach?

6:47 pm Melodious wrote:

I just can’t help but love Zach Malter. You heard it here first, Wesleyan. He knows the issues, and the guy works hard. Respect.

6:47 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Opening Statement: Zach

Introduces himself and Mari, his VP ticket. Goes down the list of things he’s achieved – includes transportation, minors – signs off with the tagline: “I’ve achieved that.”

Believes that an interconnected network between groups is important.

Believes in an affordable Wesleyan; plugs a forum on affordability happening tomorrow – wants more student jobs, more student spaces, more mental health services.

“I’m not afraid of taking on the administration.”

Challenges the administration on student rights.

6:46 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach says he’s aware of the growing concern about the affordability of this school.

6:45 pm Melodious wrote:

Arya mentions keeping Wesleyan a need-blind institution. “If you can’t pay, then you didn’t earn your way here.” #overheardbyA-Batte #amen

6:45 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach begins to list his accomplishments, always in the structure “We’ve fought to _____, we’ve achieved that.” Collective effort, huh?

6:45 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Opening Statement: Arya Alizadeh

Well, we’re getting some mic problems. Starts out with names, thanks the crowd and the elections committee.

Summarizes the speech he is about to give. Drops his HIST and ECON credentials, the fact he takes photos at the Argus.

“I want to enable the whole student body to get their voices heard, and I want to run an efficient WSA.”

Pushes the platform of creating and maintaining an efficient, smooth-running WSA.

Talks about his hat for a while. Goes meta: admits he prepared that joke.

Issues he wants to focus on: keeping Wes a need-blind institution, lower the cost without the value of the education, chalking, wants to get rid of the Usdan alarm.

6:45 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya’s got his fingers in a lot of pies. But his chosen metaphor is the fact that he wears “a lot of hats” on campus. He laughs at his own joke, as he does wear a lot of hats.

6:44 pm Melodious wrote:

Arya Alizadeh ’13, he’s an enabler. In other news, he also cracks jokes! This guy seems to do it all!

6:43 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya sure does do a lot of extracurriculars. What is he, some kind of Wes Celeb?

6:42 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya’s wearing his signature hat tonight. He’s got two glasses of water. Zach just one.

6:42 pm Melodious wrote:

Opening statements are on their way! Get fired up, y’all.

6:41 pm killofrights wrote:

Syed is too quiet because he’s far from the mic, but he has attempted to introduce the debate. We’re starting with opening statements.

6:41 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Syed Ali ’13, G-dawg, opens up the night.

6:41 pm killofrights wrote:

“FREE BIRD!” Anwar cries.

6:40 pm killofrights wrote:

Debate? More like de-LATE. START ALREADY!

6:40 pm Melodious wrote:

During this debate, I will be offering my insight into this debate as a former WSA Presidential Candidate, which means essentially nothing for everyone on this campus. I am excited though to have my former WSA Vice Presidential Candidate, Grace Zimmerman ’13, at my side. Just an opportunity to let the world know that dis girl is my partner in crime, my right hand woman regardless of official WSA recognition.

6:39 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach just waved to the press box. In an attempt for votes.

6:38 pm killofrights wrote:

Mic tests. And here we goooooooo.

6:38 pm frostedmoose wrote:

So, just a short intro of our commentators today: we got Wacka Flocka Whatever-stein, resident MC and straight up G, A-Batte, the so-called “dark horse” candidate, Melodious, our Magic Johnson former presidential candidate, and here be your main man frostedmoose, that asshole who was rude to the candidates.

6:38 pm killofrights wrote:

Everyone’s getting nervous. We can now see visible beads of sweat dripping down Zach and Arya’s faces.

6:36 pm killofrights wrote:

The crowd has begun to chant, “WE WANT A DEBATE! WE WANT A DEBATE.”

6:36 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Will – call me maybe?

6:36 pm killofrights wrote:

Shout out to the peanut butter bars at Usdan tonight. This is a good omen.

6:35 pm killofrights wrote:

Sorry for the sideways photo earlier. But it was on purpose, assholes.

6:35 pm frostedmoose wrote:

I’m staring at a projected YouTube video of people throwing colors and shit. Yo. Trippy.

6:35 pm killofrights wrote:

The moderator, Syed, and the candidates have taken their positions.

photo (1)

6:34 pm Melodious wrote:

Sam Ebb ’13 has taken off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. Let’s get down to business.

6:33 pm killofrights wrote:

I can’t believe we’re about to do this. I should address my political leanings right now: I’m not that invested in this election, but I do support the dark horse candidate,.

6:32 pm frostedmoose wrote:

Y’all get back now. Just comin’ in for a short quickie before I head off to see Rev. Billy.


6:31 pm killofrights wrote:

We’re joined for a bit by frostedmoose himself.

6:29 pm killofrights wrote:

The crowd gathers, like a storm would.

6:29 pm killofrights wrote:

Here are Sam and Arya, matching.


6:28 pm killofrights wrote:

Zach is dressed up considerably more than Arya. What a nice shirt he is wearing. Well pressed, I think.

6:27 pm killofrights wrote:

Arya is pregaming with Sam Ebb, his running mate. By pregaming, I mean talking. And they’re both wearing red.

6:25 pm killofrights wrote:

Five minutes to game time. They’re blasting “Yeah” by Usher. We’re getting psyched.

Photo on 2012-04-23 at 18.24

6:24 pm Melodious wrote:

So far, neither candidate is on the scene, although Zach Malter ’13 was spotted a few minutes ago milling about. So much for commitment to these students, amiright? No? Okay, fair enough. Well, here at the blogging table, we’re on the edge of our seats! Especially A-Batte, who just made an honest woman out of me… What?

6:19 pm Melodious wrote:

What should I say? I have no direction in life, but I’m excited for the first Wesleying live-blogging threesome tonight! Mostly just excited to listen to A-Batte‘s dumb enlightened commentary for the next couple hours… I’m joking, but seriously…

6:01 pm A-Batte wrote:

A-Batte here, setting up in Usdan. Before Will calls me a “dark horse” again, I’d just like to give a shout-out to the HOLI people, who are actually playing the best music. Hopefully it goes through the debate and answers have to be given

4:08 pm killofrights wrote:

A’ight here’s a test live-blog post. Will it work?

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13 thoughts on “WSA Presidential Debate LIVE-BLOG Tonight @ 6:30pm EST

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  4. sebb

    Just to throw out some political theory here: the rhetoric to win a campaign and the rhetoric to run a good WSA are very different. You can list things you personally have done all day long and that has absolutely no bearing on whether or not you can get 37 other people to rise to your level. That is the key to being a great president. It is not a great individual standing there working but a great leader for everyone else. A common thread that I’ve seen on here is people not giving caring or knowing anything about the WSA, the resources we have to offer, what we do for students/student groups and that is where the things go wrong now. Yes Zach has personally done a great job reaching out to a few groups but that isn’t the job of just one person and that’s where raising the level of the assembly comes in and where Arya’s lofty ideal really rings true. If you don’t know anything about the WSA or what we can do for you we have done something wrong and need to work to fix it. Having lived and worked with Arya for 3 years now I can vouch that he is the type of person to work directly with anyone to empower them and lead them to what they want to accomplish–making them a better member. It is no coincidence in my opinion that 75% of the first committee Arya chaired (AAC) is now on the WSA Executive Committee. He is a great leader that brings the most out of those working under him. So for those of you who ask for evidence of how he has achieved that lofty goal there is just one example. Furthermore, for me I know because he has done it for me and inspired me to run again this winter for WSA and bring up my ideas–many of which have not come to fruition but deserve more time and energy from different committees (to give you a sense–re-envisioning homecoming to provide not just a football game b/c we’re not all athletes and having bands, acapella groups, dance groups, a prometheus show, etc. throughout the course of the day to bring together the Wesleyan community, a proposal to completely re-work how the Sound Co-op functions that came from a sound co-op member, re-working the freeman calendars from friends of mine and myself who are upset at the lack of clarity on the website, a form for the inter-Greek council that will allow other student groups to co-host events that came out of conversations with members of DKE and Beta and follow-up chats with Psi-U and others). Arya’s advice along with my experience with these groups has made me take WSA home with me and I now have one of my housemates interested in coming in and working with the IT committee on helping to re-vamp the E-portfolio and some other tech issues that he had no idea that we were working on. That does not happen enough now and with new leadership we can bring that dedication that we have and not just continue it ourselves and work on our own achievements but make everyone else able to come up to that same level and work with us (not saying that there aren’t many who already are there but bringing the assembly as a whole together to that level is the key). Zach and Mari have done a lot of good things and you can’t deny that. You also can’t deny the disconnect that has persisted between the WSA and the student body as a whole. We all say in meetings that we support more canvassing but no one ever does it. We say we support being involved with students on a greater level but the idea has not turned into reality in my time on the assembly. I’ve tried to propose having WSA members in the office every day at lunch so people can drop in and chat more easily. Arya and I, throughout this election have tried to make ourselves as approachable as possible to get rid of the stigma of the WSA being a removed “government on a hill” and get people to really talk to us and agree to work with us. Finally, the key isn’t just working with us. It is having everyone work together. There are so many factions that exist on this campus, so many amazing things happening that almost no one knows about. When I came to Wesleyan, my favorite thing was sitting down at a lunch table and hearing my hallmates talk about all the different crazy things they were doing and that I should go check them all out. We need to bring those all back together not just with communication with WSA but communication with each other. My programs (the form with the inter-greek council and my frosh social connection program that pairs frosh with upperclassmen based on shared extracurricular interests making it easier to get involved from your first few days here) are trying to increase both vertical unity between the classes and horizontal unity between groups and only when we really work towards achieving that can we really have accomplished our goals.

    Thanks to the few brave souls who have read this far,
    Sam Ebb
    VP ’13

  5. Former SBC Member

    Although my [blatantly loaded the way I had phrased it] question seems to have been slightly altered, I’m very happy that Syed included it.  Definitely showed a difference in management style and influenced my vote.  Hint: it was the SBC question.

  6. buy tickets to burlesque!

    killofrights facebook friended me after i took my top off in usdan. coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  7. AH

    What is something hugely radical, no matter how unlikely/impossible you want to do, like the Gingrich Moon-Base?

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