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Sister Spit is Back

On Thursday, April 26th, the infamous Sister Spit gang will be rolling through Beckham Hall at 8 pm for an amazing night of queer multi-media performances.  Hosted by Michelle Tea, the night will feature poetry readings, music, videos, and other artistic shindigs by a variety of performers and writers including Mx Justin Vivian BondBrontez Purnell, Erin MarkeyCassie J Sneider, and Kit Yan.

Date: Thursday, April 26th
Time: 8 pm
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free

WesFRESH Food Systems Working Group

From Becca “woodland fairy” Wilton ’15:

Last Saturday, Wesleyan made history by joining a handful of schools nation-wide fighting for a more just and sustainable food system. WesFRESH (Wesleyan’s food activist group) celebrated the signing of the Real Food Campus Commitment, a pledge to shift 20% of Wesleyan’s food budget to REAL food by 2020. President Roth and Head of Dining Michael Strumpf signed the pledge to move Wesleyan’s food system to food that is ecologically sound, local & community based, humane to animals, and fair to workers.

This was a major step in the right direction – but the work is only beginning!

Now, we are looking for devoted, enthusiastic students to form the brand-new Food Systems Working Group, a core team that will research new “real food” initiatives, and work with real food businesses, farmers, and Bon Appétit to implement the changes that will move us towards our 20% goal and beyond. If you are passionate about fighting for change in our food system at the institutional level, here is your chance!


From the ever-amazing Peer Health Advocates:

Get psyched for SEXQUEST, a quest for sexual health knowledge and goodies!

Participate in activities like the condom balloon toss, and collect prizes at each of the stations scattered around Foss Hill. Students who visit all eight activities will receive an additional prize, and are entered into a drawing to win a high end sex toy, such as this, this, or this.

Sex can be fun!!! :D

  • Date: this Friday, April 27th, 2012
  • Time: Noon to 3pm
  • Place: All over Foss Hill! (rain location: inside Usdan)

Dining Out for Life

Katherine Helga Giblet ’15 writes in to let you know about an event that will let you fight AIDS, get fat, and therefore eventually stay happy by eating at ION this Thursday, April 26th:Do good while eating well!

Tired of Usdan? Come to It’s Only Natural on Thursday evening and support the fight against HIV/AIDS by dining out. Proceeds from your dinner will go to AIDS Project New Haven. There will also be an opportunity to make individual donations and enter to win roundtrip airfare for two on JetBlue!

Dining Out for Life is an international fundraising event benefiting non-profit organizations that work to help people living with HIV/AIDS.

Restaurants commit to donating at least 25% of their proceeds to local HIV/AIDS related non-profit organizations. This year, all proceeds from ION will be going to AIDS Project New Haven, the oldest nonprofit organization in Connecticut providing education, non-judgmental comprehensive and holistic services to individuals infected and affected by HIV/AIDS.


Archiving Workshop

Did something important happen on campus, or with your student group this year? Which initiatives worked and which did not?

Keeping a record of student initiatives is important for continuity, learning and remembering our past, and building more effective and long lasting change in the projects we are working on.

This Sunday, as part of the Skillshare Extravaganza (more details to come) you are invited to the archiving workshop. Let’s meet together to archive materials like notes, fliers, photos, testimonials, and articles. Come with materials, or just for brainstorming. Stay for all or some of the workshop. During the workshop in a group setting we can begin to strategize how to record in an accessible way what has happened this past year. There will be more workshops to follow with the Special Collections Librarian from Olin if you are not able to make this one. Keeping an archive of what happened this past year can make it easy for next year to pick up from where we left off, learn from mistakes, and for many many next years to get insight into and inspiration from the history they are coming from. Anyone is welcome to help with these projects. Please contact igauthier(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for more info.

Date: Sunday, April 29
Time: 1 pm – 5 pm
Place: UOC
Cost: Free

Richard Adelstein: The Rise of “The Rise of Planning in Industrial America, 1865-1914”

Friends of the Wesleyan Library would like to redundantly present Economics Professor Richard Adelstein and his new book, “The Rise of (See long title above):

Woodhouse/Sysco Professor of Economics Richard Adelstein will talk about the history of corporate power and the writing of his new book, The Rise of Planning in Industrial America, 1865-1914. His book explores the transformation undergone by business in the U.S. over the
half-century following the Civil War — from small sole proprietorships and partnerships to massive corporations possessing many of the same constitutional rights as living men and women and leading up to the Supreme Court’s controversial 2010 Citizens United decision.

For more information about this event and others, email libfriends(at)wesleyan(dot)edu, or check out their website here.

Date: April 26, 2012
Time: 7:00-9:00
Location: Develin Room, 2nd floor Olin Library
Cost: free

Discussion with Prof. Stewart: Big Finance and Environmental Justice

Ross Levin ’15 writes in about “Bank of America,” a pressing new release by avant-garde Wesleyan band Chilly Phoenix a discussion taking place at 200 Church:

Join students and faculty at 200 Church on Tuesday at 4:15 PM for an open discussion on the troubled relationship between the American finance industry and the environment, facilitated by Professor Brian Stewart. What role does the finance industry currently play in climate change, pollution, and other environmental problems? Can the finance industry be reformed to play a positive role in moving towards a sustainable economy? What can we, as students, do to speed up this process?

This is part of Bank Transfer Week, a series of events leading up to Bank Transfer Days on Thursday, Friday, and Monday, when representatives from local credit unions will be on campus to help students start accounts and leave the big banks behind. In addition to the Inside Job screening last week and this discussion and the Bank Transfer Days, we will be having a march to the local branch of Bank of America to let them know we don’t want our money supporting their corrupt practices–stay tuned for more info on that, and for more information on Bank of America, look at the links below:

Date: Tuesday, April 24
Time: 4:15 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: $15 in monthly fees from Bank of America

If you “give a fuck”, you should go: Wesleyan’s Affordability Forum, Tuesday evening.

If you’ve kept abreast of (student reactions to) recent happenings in Wesleyan administration – the planned closing of the Art Library, the course load increase for visiting faculty, rising tuition, and beyond – you may be wondering if any kind of follow-up with the wider community is underway. Turns out the WSA has been working to organize a formal venue for a discussion about Wesleyan’s current and impending financial issues, coming out of ongoing discussions with administrators, work by campus activists, and [third thing]. Here’s the email you should have gotten from Evan Weber ’13:

Concerned about rising tuition and the affordability of Wesleyan? Have suggestions concerning Wesleyan’s financial aid? Interested in expressing your budget priorities (i.e. the things here that you’d like to see preserved and the things worth cutting)?

Come to an open meeting on the Future of Wesleyan’s Affordability.

President Roth, Vice President for Finance and Administration John Meerts, and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Nancy Meislahn will attend, present their thoughts, and be available to answer questions.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 24th at 7pm in Usdan 108.

If you have any related questions in advance of the meeting or would like to ensure that questions you ask have a response, please e-mail the WSA at wsa[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and we will forward questions to the administration.