Archiving Workshop

Did something important happen on campus, or with your student group this year? Which initiatives worked and which did not?

Keeping a record of student initiatives is important for continuity, learning and remembering our past, and building more effective and long lasting change in the projects we are working on.

This Sunday, as part of the Skillshare Extravaganza (more details to come) you are invited to the archiving workshop. Let’s meet together to archive materials like notes, fliers, photos, testimonials, and articles. Come with materials, or just for brainstorming. Stay for all or some of the workshop. During the workshop in a group setting we can begin to strategize how to record in an accessible way what has happened this past year. There will be more workshops to follow with the Special Collections Librarian from Olin if you are not able to make this one. Keeping an archive of what happened this past year can make it easy for next year to pick up from where we left off, learn from mistakes, and for many many next years to get insight into and inspiration from the history they are coming from. Anyone is welcome to help with these projects. Please contact igauthier(at)wesleyan(dot)edu for more info.

Date: Sunday, April 29
Time: 1 pm – 5 pm
Place: UOC
Cost: Free

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