Burlesque Show 2012

Catherine D. Reed ’12 e-mailed me this afternoon requesting that I post about Burlesque. I assumed that this show sells out without even a Wesleying mention, but I’m happy to oblige her. I know that the live-bloggers certainly enjoyed the Burlesque presence at the WSA Debate last night. But, grab ’em while they’re hot, folks. The tickets, not the dancers. Don’t wanna mess with those bouncers respect, nor do you want to wander into the territory of assault and harassment..

Burlesque 2012!
WestCo Cafe
Thursday 4/26 @ 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.
Friday 4/27 @ 10 p.m. and Midnight
Saturday 4/28 @ 10 p.m. and Midnight

Tickets will be sold in Usdan and WesWings at lunch and dinner until they’re gone, and I’ve heard a tip stating that tickets for the Friday 10 p.m. and Saturday Midnight shows are almost sold out! Rumors circling Wesleyan pique curiosity about whether or not Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter will actually make an appearance at the show, so you do not want to miss out. Click beyond the jump for a note from Burlesque’s Directors (Emily Lippe ’12, Emily Steck ’12, & Casey Reed ’12)

The Thursday 8 p.m. showing will offer a sneak peak into an “open dress rehearsal,” and will not provide audiences with the enjoyment of our hilarious emcee. The show will also only show dance pieces back-to-back for this show, with slightly less format. Thus, the discounted ticket price. This year, for the first time in Burlesque history, will feature 6 shows, including one early show. This early show, with a sneak preview in Usdan, is designed to promote Burlesque as a group of individuals who are proud of the diversity of bodies we represent. Having positive body image is a full-time process, not just for late evenings and drunken audiences. xoxo, Emily, Emily, and Casey

P.s. Anyone else thinking that Casey missed the memo on being named Emily on this one?

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2 thoughts on “Burlesque Show 2012

  1. '12

    fuck yeah burlesque! but melody, people shouldn’t grab the dancers because they are decent human beings and respect other people’s bodies, not because the bouncers will kick them out (although the bouncers will do that). harassment and assault are not sexy!

    rock on dancers. rock on body loving sexy audience members.

    1. Melodious

       It was a joke. I apologize if that one didn’t translate well over the interweb. I’ve updated the post to reflect both your and my concerns about grabby audience members and a call for respect campus-wide.

      Not sure who this Melody character is though…

      — Melodious

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