300 words / 14.38 hours = .348 wpm: Submit to Hermes by Noon Tomorrow

From the kollektive:

Submit to Hermes by noon this Thursday. You can do it. I will! Maybe. I might not. I want to, though. 300 words. That’s all you need. If you’re doing words. Something else? You can do that.  Just do it. wesleyanhermes. at gmail. dot com. Send it there. Ideas? After the jump. All mine. No copyright, though. Copyleft[ists].

  • ACB screenshots
  • Žižek
  • Your left ass cheek
  • News from 30 years go
  • A living, breathing human being
  • A living, human being
  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • NASCAR drivers
  • Poetry (for bros (broetry))
  • A story about academia
  • Something else.
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