Matt Narks ’11 Releases “80 Proof”

Matthew Narkaus ’11, a.k.a Matt Narks, writes in to share his new single “80 Proof:”

The song is about a female who seems to have it all put together in life and is focused on advancing her life and achieving financial success, however at the end of the day she doesn’t have that one person to complete her. Consequently she drinks by herself every night to numb the pain of her single life. The upbeat and dance/club type of production offset the depressing theme.

So basically, it’s setting up the plot of a romantic comedy through song.

At Wesleyan, Narkaus recorded with Anthony Edwards ’10 and Evan Huggins ’10. He currently works with producer eROC and is putting out new music. He also seems to be involved with Super Ego Clothiers, the Wes alumni (mostly) hemp clothing line.

80 Proof is available on iTunes. Twitter: @MattNarks.

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