Today in Usdan: Future Islands/Cloud Nothings Tix for Sale

Uh hey guys did you know The Future Treasure Islands and Cloud Everything are comin to Electric House this Thursday night!!!? Yeah so the Ed Gein Music Beat is opening, it’s supposed to be a real fun time, and you can still buy your ticket for five doll hairs! This music performance is starting at 9 pm sharp (seriously!!!!!!!)  and Cal “The Gifmaker” Hickox ’15 will be in Usdan today and tomorrow selling some freaking tickets:

The few tickets we have left will be sold from 12 to 1:15 Wednesday and Thursday on ground floor Usdan. Look for me or Sky Stallbaumer ’12 sitting at one of the little tables with some subtle signage that reads “FUTURE ISLANDS + CLOUD NOTHINGS TIX–$5.” If there happen to be any tickets left after Thursday lunch, they will be sold at the door. At this point, your ticket reservation doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a ticket. It’s first come, first served now. You snooze, you lose y’all. If you seriously can’t get to either of these times and are worried you won’t get a ticket, email sstallbaumer(at)wes and chickox(at wes and we will figure something out.

This show is on a Thursday, so it has to end at midnight, meaning our set times will be strictly enforced so we can ensure full sets from the headliners:

  • 9 pm: Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (get greeted by this guy)
  • 10 pm: Cloud Nothings (when you mosh and crowd surf)
  • 11 pm: Future Islands (a little more head nodding and maybe some pensive crowd surf/ mosh action)
Date: Thursday, April 26
Time: 9 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Eclectic Haus
Cost: $5
How to get tickets: today and tomorrow, 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm, ground floor of Usdan. (Also: 113 cross after 4 pm tomorrow.)
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