Candidate Statement: Arya Alizadeh ’13 and Sam Ebb ’13

Earlier this week, we posted a WSA presidential candidate statement that we received in support of Anwar Batte ’13, the apparent dark horse candidate of the election season. We also put out an open call for campaign submissions. Here’s what we’ve received from challenging party Arya Alizadeh ’13 and Sam Ebb ’13. Spoiler warning: scroll to the end if you just want Arya’s number.

For slightly more obnoxious election coverage, don’t miss our group interview with the candidates and liveblog coverage of the presidential debate.

Dreaming of a Better Wes? Arya and Sam. We’ll Take You There

We’ve heard your complaints about the WSA and about Wesleyan. We want to fix them and we’re ready to take the WSA in a better direction than it’s been going.

Does anyone actually know what the WSA does? Does anyone know who the WSA is?……hmm?…didn’t think so. That’s a problem we want to fix.

How? Vote for us and we will:

  • Making ourselves and the WSA visible and available throughout the whole campus
  • Make the WSA legit and fully functional so that your ideas for cool things on campus will become reality…
  • GET RID OF THE USDAN ALARM…WTF! (and make sure the administration won’t pull any other fast ones on us like they’ve been doing)
  • Email us a cool weekly idea and you could get yourself a home-cooked dinner from us and paid for BY US NOT THE SBC! (ps. Ask the crew team, we’re great cooks!)
  • Make Roth and the Admin play by our rules not theirs breaking WSA precedent.
  • Bring the WSA to you through WSA News posters, new media forms and increased presence of WSA members at your group meetings and dorms.
  • Daily lunch hours with members where anyone can quickly complain about anything…like really anything! (Coffee Quality, Mean Boyfriends, More Classes, PSafe Segways…ANYTHING)
  • Be Awesome! This is central to our campaign.
  • We love Anwar too…but would very much prefer that you vote for us and give him a hug and kiss and/or GIANT JOINT instead.

Your Voice

Your Vote

Your Candidates

Your Wesleyan

Your Arya and Sam

So call us maybe?

617.571.3628 (Arya)

617.921.3985 (Sam)

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