A Staged Reading of Henchmen, a New Screenplay

When Michael ’13 met Steve ’13 and Steve ’13, Wesleyan theater would change forever. M. Night Stevesamalan presents:

Come see a staged reading of (the second draft of) a new screenplay, “Henchmen”! The reading will start Friday at 8pm in the WestCo Lounge.

“Henchmen” is a balls-to-the-wall action comedy about two henchmen who work for a mustache-twirling supervillain. The two henchmen are Vishvajit, an Indian-American guy who is contractually obliged to talk in an exaggerated Middle Eastern accent while on the clock, and Sherwin, a slacker who never matured past his high school football glory days. And when their evil headquarters are attacked by womanizing secret agent Blaine McCabe and everyone else is captured, it’s up to these two beta-males to save the day.

Those afraid of gratuitous violence, cursing, and explosions should stay at home.

Featuring the lovely actors and actresses: Nikhil Lai, Matt Lynch, Bryce Hollingsworth, Amara Davila, Peter Cramer, Mike Dudley, Danielle Springer, Michael Firer, Christian Schneider, and Michael Matthews. Written by Michael Steves.

Time: Tonight, 8 PM
Lounge: WestCo
The Picture: Anyone know who that is????

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One thought on “A Staged Reading of Henchmen, a New Screenplay

  1. AF

    I think that’s Mel Gibson in his critically-acclaimed film “The Patriot,” which profiles the positive impacts Jews had in the modern day revolution to rid the Chrystler building (get it?!?) of anti-semitism.  My savior.

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