Encuentro – For Community, For Humanity

Rachel Fifer ’12 says you should come to an Encuentro:

An Encuentro (or “Encounter”) is a space for people to come together openly and peacefully.

An Encuentro is not a meeting a one-way panel or a conference. It is a call for dialogue and collaboration developed by the Mexican Zapatista revolutionaries with the intent of countering the current tendency to prioritize big business over individual welfare. We will speak, listen, and share our common struggles. Everyone’s voice will be taken into account equally.

Encuentro is a gathering of individuals who are struggling for housing, education, health, freedom, justice, love, a voice, a space to exist, peace, respect, themselves, for our community, for our dignity, and for humanity.

Guest Speaker Juan Haro is a co-organizer of Movimiento por Justicia en El Barrio in NYC and is a prominent and active community organizer who works with the Spanish-speaking communities throughout Harlem and across the country. He is a motivated activist who has hosted four Encuentro events previously which are directly inspired by the
Zapatista movement in Mexico. Juan has worked in collaboration with social activists across the country and with Subcomandante Marcos as well. He will speak about the history of the Encuentro events in the context of the Zapatista values of horizontal organizations, leftist politics and inclusive community building.

An Encuentro carries a spirit of mutual support, and co-discovery. It creates a space for collaboration in order to address our common struggles.

Event Schedule

  • Collaborative meal preparation, live music, and welcome! – 11am
  • Community lunch (free) – 12pm
  • Middletown stories – 1pm
  • Small group discussion – 2pm
  • General Assembly – 3pm

Your voice matters to your community.

When: April 28th, 2012, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Where: First Congregational Church
190 Court Street, Middletown, Connecticut
Cost: FREE

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3 thoughts on “Encuentro – For Community, For Humanity

  1. Ummm what?

    Why does an event happening in Middletown use a stereotypical image of nameless African boys, clearly not from Middletown????? like, its pretty and all but whatever. why?? srsly i think thats offensive, and kinda like, contrary to the mission of the group… am i wrong here??

    1. johnwesley

      I guess I don’t understand your point.  I don’t see anything offensive about a group of children sitting in a circle.  My first thought wasn’t that they were African, but, that the  glowing, greenish substance looked suspiciously like fondue.   Srsly, that’s your gripe?  That there aren’t enough pictures of Middletown posted in Wesleying?     

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