March on Bank of America

The sun is shining, it’s (relatively) warm outside, what a beautiful day for a protest, eh? The folks in the Community Banking Working Group of Occupy Wesleyan have put together a nice little march to our local BoA that’s meeting at the steps of Olin at 3 pm! Luckily, Middletown isn’t the biggest of cities, so I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to catch up with them as they make their way over. And hey, who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired enough to close out the millions sitting in your account.

 More on the action below (yeah, I’m cutting this from the end of A-Batte‘s earlier post on Bank Transfer Week):
  • Friday April 27th, 3PM
  • Leaving from the Steps of Olin
  • March to BoA on Main St.

Tired of hearing about corporate banks taking advantage of American citizens? Frustrated by the fact that the only ATM on campus is owned by Bank of America? WELL, LET’S DO SOMETHING!

More than a million times in the last five years, Bank of America has taken the home of an American with more debt than ze can repay. What happened when Bank of America’s risky bets and fraudulent Countrywide mortgages put its own financial health at risk? They received $45 billion directly from the government, and were given another $2.6 trillion in emergency, extremely cheap loans, which they then loaned back to taxpayers at much higher rates. They responded by ramping up their foreclosure rate and shifting $53 trillion in risky bets to the FDIC insured part of their operation. But now their debts are coming due…

We must join in solidarity to show that we will NOT put up with this anymore. It’s time to make our voices heard.

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