Todd Shea Unplugged: For Pakistan

Syed Alam ’15 invites you to see  Todd Shea play music and discuss health care:

No college degree. No foreign language skills. No money.

Just a guitar.

Todd Shea transformed health care in rural Pakistan through his music and undying efforts.

Shea is a humanitarian, activist, and musician who traveled to Pakistan as a volunteer rescue worker after the disastrous 2005 earthquake. He proceeded to set up a charity hospital there called Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services. Though Shea wasn’t trained as a medical worker, he’s devoted the past decade to health care in Pakistan.

Come see Shea perform an acoustic set and lead a presentation and discussion on health care issues affecting youth in Pakistan.

Date: Saturday, April 28th
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Place: Vanguard Lounge, Center for African American Studies, 343 High Street
Cost: FREE

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