Photos: Holi Comes to Foss

Holi, the Indian Festival of Color, arrived on Foss last Friday for what looks to me like a technicolor Woodstock of bodypainting and smiles. Scroll on for a handful of photos from the event courtesy of Nico Vitti ’12, Jeffrey Price ’13, and Kaitlin DeWilde ’13 (in that order). This post in no way offers comment on the related Usdan flier incident—just a glimpse at the event itself, which shouldn’t go uncelebrated on this blog.

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3 thoughts on “Photos: Holi Comes to Foss

  1. 2013

    Why is everyone pretending that this year was the first time Wesleyan has celebrated Holi? We’ve had it for the last three years.

  2. Jason Shatz '14

    Having borrowed Kaitlin DeWilde’s camera when she went to partake in the festivities, I probably took some of these.

    – Jason Shatz ’14

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