Let’s Talk About Race: Meeting Tonight

Concerned students (not affiliated with any one group in particular) are organizing some action in response to the Holi flyers which were put up in Usdan on Friday, April 27th. The meeting will be held tonight, April 30th, from 9 to 11 pm in Usdan 110. (If people have prior engagements feel free to come whenever and stay/leave as long as you can! If you cannot make this meeting but are interested in getting involved, please contact one of the people listed below.)

This meeting will not be a meeting about discussing the individual who posted the flyer. It is our hope that this meeting can be a constructive one about larger institutional racism on campus and how we can take action to educate the community about it (and work towards both understanding, acknowledging and working against it). We will also discuss the broader effects on campus and what can we do to better understand each other. Please come with thoughts on what can be done if you have any and a positive attitude! For more information, please contact Sophia G Massey ’15 (sgmassey@wes), Cheryl Walker ’12 (cwalker@wes), or Elaine Chan ’12 (echan@wes).

Hope to see you there!

  • Date: Tonight, April 30th
  • Time: 9 pm – 11 pm
  • Place: Usdan 110
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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Race: Meeting Tonight

  1. benny vasquez

    How did this event go? It seems like there needs to be a bigger talk about racism & white privilege on campus.  As an alum, I think this is something that needs to be addressed on a larger scale. It needs to be thought out and carefully executed.

  2. disappointed

    Wow, we’re trying to organize the same event. This event seems kinda impulsive and not well thought out though, especially only posting about it on Wesleying the day of the event.

    1. SOC '14

      Shame on all of you for using and manipulating a misguided incident to address a much more important issue that has been here for ages– racism/racist jokes are not a poster on a door and your response to it is degrading to actual forms of racism and victims of said racism. Where were you when people made degrading racist comments on the ACB? Very disappointed.

  3. Cesar A. Chavez

    Hi everyone. I think that it is great that this happening however I don’t think we should target the particular individual who made this joke, if anything this person is a product of a much larger systemic issue that I think is about time to address on this campus. Aside from this meeting I propose we meet with student groups like Ajua Campos and Umaja and speak with them and initiate a discuss with them about how they felt about the event and what steps they would like to see happen in order to make sure this does not repeat in the future. As a student of color I highly appreciate this initiative but let’s not get carried away and simply attack a person that is a product of the racist/imperialist culture we live in. I would like to encourage anyone who can to attend this meeting but also I would like to have another meeting (maybe towards the end of this week) to be held with members of Ajua Campus and Umaja and start dialog on campus about institutional racism and the culture behind it.  This is a great way to not only make people aware of why making racist jokes is demeaning to students of color but also take about forms of discrimination which are usually not talked about on campus given that people have become de-sensitive towards them.  

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