WSA Elections Now Open

From Syed the WSA member:

The following WSA elections are now OPEN:

  • Class Representative, 2013/2014/2015
  • Approval of Constitutional Changes
  • WSA Survey
Vote now at the WSA voting site.  Elections close the night of Friday, May 04 just before midnight.

From Syed the Wesleying poster:

Candidates, want your candidate blurb/image/video/facebook event on Wesleying? Submit them by Monday at 10 PM to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.

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3 thoughts on “WSA Elections Now Open

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  2. Wrong link much?

    Wrong link to the WSA voting site.  I voted by scrolling down to the “12 hours to vote” or whatever wesleying post.  That had the right link.  Mmmmm.

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