Bernstein ’10 Continues Music Video Career

“Bad Island” writer and multi-band mastermind Ben Bernstein ’10, sometimes known as B C B, sends in yet another homespun music video from the Wes/Brooklyn industrial complex. This one’s for “The Bad Man,” a mesmerizing and bizarre track by freak-folky Bennington College artist Trevor Wilson, who records with a vocal ensemble. Filmed in Crown Heights and BedStuy, the video employs a handful of fittingly creepy images, including facial closeups and a charismatic rabbit. Bernstein, who directed, writes:

“The Bad Man” is a song by Trevor Wilson about getting your identity taken. These Bennington folks make cool music. I felt that this song was about being so upset that it just kind of becomes beautiful… that a human can feel anything that much.

Brian Papish ’10 was DP and Andrew Gladstone ’11 also shot some of it. Hope you guys enjoy it/aren’t vegetarian.

The humans in the video are all Bennington students or alums, though Bernstein adds: “Filming a hunting-heat seeking python while holding a warm light was a lotta fun.” For more of Bernstein’s recent work, see “PRISM.”

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12 thoughts on “Bernstein ’10 Continues Music Video Career

  1. anon

    SICK shots capturing the beauty of pythons, but I kind of cringed at the flakiness of the skin on that snake – their shed should come off in larger pieces, not in scraps. Soak that bitch in some warm water and increase the humidity in the tank!

  2. Eh!

    this is amazing. so powerful.
    but so inhumane, mostly because the rabbit had no opportunity to run away. ze was helpless.we probably shouldn’t keep wild animals captive at all so we dont have to feed helpless rabbits to snakes (come on, at least give them a chance to run!)(oh ma gahd what a hippy, i don care about animals whutever we are humans were supposed to kill shit ‘n stuff because… because…whutever stop being dumb stoopid person posting on wesleying who cares about animalz)

  3. Derk

    Snakes have to eat.  Not often, but eventually.  Used to feed live rabbits to big snakes in my 4th grade class.  It’s big nature, big interesting.

    1. MattK

       It’s not “nature”. It’s humans feeding a tame domesticated rabbit to a tame (and arguably domesticated) Burmese Python and filming it for the sake of entertainment and publicity. It’s no more natural than if they filmed someone feeding kittens to a pit bull. Captive Burms are usually perfectly accepting of humanely pre-killed food and that is the standard practive for most zoos and “pet” owners. Not only is it not natural it’s not even the most usual way of feeding a python in a captive setting. This was purposefully arranged so that the rabbit’s death would be dramatic – and more painful, prolonged, and terrifying – and it was done for the sake of entertainment and attention.

      1. Ben Bernstein

        Hey Matt,

        Good anthropology classes at Wes taught me to think hard about the question what is nature and what isn’t, so I’m a little dubious of your definitive claim that this is not “nature,” but I should point out: the snake’s owner told us his python would only eat live prey, which is how we found it. He feeds it 15lb chickens and 10lb rabbits once a month. Is that horrific? Definitely.

        We certainly filmed it for “artistic” value, but we didn’t stage anything, literally just filmed the python eating as our wonderful snake handler, Javier, usually feeds it. For me especially, it was indeed painful, prolonged, and terrifying.

        Appreciate the reply and hope all is well,


        1. MattK

          I was replying to Derk’s comment and used the word ‘nature’ in that context. I am fully aware that the word is problematic and confusing which is why I put it in scare-quotes. My point is that the “but it’s nature” defense is nonsense.

          ” but I should point out: the snake’s owner told us his python would only eat live prey” That would be unusual. In my experience, people that like to watch snakes kill things often say this. Regardless, even if you were able to find a Burm that really could not learn to accept dead prey, I fail to see how this actually changes anything.
          “For me especially, it was indeed painful, prolonged, and terrifying.”
          uhh … good for you?

  4. Guest

    i wonder if they took that rabbit from some poor kid who was hoping to have a nice easter present…

  5. disgruntled vegetarian

    Not cool to kill animals for the sake of art… not cool in a masterpiece like apocalypse now, ESPECIALLY not cool in your insignificant (albeit well done) music video

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