Or should I say blurb?  Yesterday we asked for candidates who want to submit materials to Wesleying to submit by tonight, and twenty-four hours later we have only one.  If you want your material on here too, email your materials within the next twenty-four and we might feel nice enough to update the post.  The following WSA Elections are currently open:

  • 2013/2014/2015 Class Representative
  • Approval of Constitutional Changes
  • Spring 2012 Survey

Go to the WSA voting site to vote before the end of the week. If you don’t vote, don’t complain later. Keep reading to see the blurbs that were submitted to Wesleying before the deadline we mentioned earlier.


Grant Tanenbaum '15Grant Tanenbaum

Hey 2015-ers,
My name is Grant Tanenbaum and I was appointed to the WSA at the start of the semester.  I’m now running for reelection. This semester I’ve been on the Student Affairs Committee working to make the Code of Non Academic Conduct easier to understand if you’re written up. I’ve also been part of working to repeal the chalking ban and helped out with lowering fire safety fines.Next year:
Outreach: Expand WSA outreach with canvassing and office hours in Usdan with class reps.
Chalking: Repeal the chalking ban.
Affordability: Make affordability at Wesleyan a priority for the assembly and the administration with programs like being able to see where your tuition goes.-
Pineapple: More pineapple at the mongolian grill.  Seriously, it’s a problem.
GRS: Simplify GRS and make it a less stressful experience.I hope to continue serving your interests next year!  Please email me (gltanenbaum[at]wesleyan[dot]edu) anytime, I’m also at the Usdan couches every Friday at 11am.Facebook event here.


The WSA needs to know what YOU think to represent YOUR interests.  The survey this time around is shorter than I can remember it ever being, at only 15 questions.  Do it!


Constitutional Changes

During the 2012 Constitutional Review, the Assembly voted unanimously to submit the following proposed changes:

  1. Removed the Concert Committee Chair from being a member of the WSA, who comes to General Assembly Meetings and has a vote.  This is because the Concert Committee is an auxiliary committee just like Senior Class Officers, Spring Fling Committee, etc. and the Chairs of those committees do not sit on the WSA either. This ensures that all our auxiliary committees have the same standing.
  2. Increased the number of seats available in the Spring Class Rep election from 5 to 6 to give more people an opportunity to serve. If the seats to not get filled, they will just roll over to the fall elections.

View more information on the WSA Website.

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  1. 2014

    Write in LEONID LIU for 2014 Class Rep. Leo is actively involved in campus as UOC intern and much more. He’s dedicated, deserves this, and can do more good for the community through this avenue.

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