Postponed Drops Penultimate Episode, Seeks (Paid!) Extras

“It’s rare that you don’t remind me of a dumpster. And I know dumpsters.”

Ladies and Gentleman, the second to last episode of the Postponed web series is out. And this episode has it all. Featuring Chris Correa ’10, and Robby Hardesty ’12 as well as a handful of other Wespeople, Postponed continues with all the trials and tribulations that comes with living in a van with your homeless best friend.

We follow our protagonists Chris and Robby as they battle their evil foe, Damien the Admissions Officer, who in Episode Five, blackmails the duo into paying him money they don’t have. This puts a stress on the boys’ relationship, and what follows is a beautiful combination of Humans vs. Zombies, Shakespeare, man hugs, and ultimately, a confession.  (But first we get to see how to pull off a “butt pirate” costume.)

The best part of Episode Six? Its cliffhanger ending. Obviously, something big is going to happen in Episode Seven. If you want to prepare yourself for the epic season finale, catch up on the other episodes here, here, here, and here.

In related news, the Postponed team is seeking extras for its final episode, which is being filmed on Saturday, and they’re willing to offer pay(!!!). Details past the jump.

The Postponed webseries  is seeking extras for this Saturday, May 5. You don’t need any acting talent, just the ability to occupy space. The best part? It’s a paying position. $10 cash moneyz, plus snacks, and all you need to do is stand around. Sweet Deal!

Interested? Email futurehousepix(at)gmail(dot)com or ccorea14(at)gmail(dot)com as soon as possible.

The filming will be on Saturday, May 5, from 8 – 11:30 pm.

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