Thank the Janitors Today!

From the wonderful people of USLAC (United Student-Labor Action Coalition):

Today, May Day, is an international day of solidarity with workers and immigrants. There are many things you can do to commemorate this day here on Wesleyan’s campus. Yesterday, Wesleyan’s custodians came to work for ABM Industries; today, upon punching in, they now work for Sun Services. This transition involves a change in management that brings with it a whole host of concerns and stresses on the workers. The workers had no voice in the contract selecting process. While there is no immediate threat of layoffs, workers ask that student allies remain vigilant. Today, as we stand in solidarity with workers around the world, recognize the struggles faced by our janitorial staff. Thank the people that clean our bathrooms, hallways, and classrooms. They’re an essential part of the Wesleyan community, and they deserve our appreciation.

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