Video Footage: Future Islands

It’s been five days (and one immortal gif) since Cloud Nothings and Future Islands lit up Eclectic like a Christmas tree, so if you missed the show, you can stop kicking yourself long enough to scope out high-quality video footage Jordan Kenna ’12 finally got around to uploading to Vimeo. So far, there is coverage-in-action of show-opener “Give Us The Wind” (it’s really fab) and “Balance”; Kenna, as I understand it, synced his video footage with professional-quality recordings straight from the mixing board by sound wizard Samuel Remington Long ’12. (Those recordings are available, too; they’re on Aural Wes.) Certainly beats my sorry-ass excuse for video coverage.

If you missed the show, this is also your best opportunity to witness frontman Samuel Herring’s sweat-drenched gyrations, spastic hand motions, wide-eyed glares, and generally nuts stage presence. As I wondered during the show: could this be Professor Fitzpatrick in disguise or am I crazy for seeing a resemblance?

Anyway, click past the jump for “Balance” and Wesleying’s photo coverage. Hopefully more videos will follow from Kenna.

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3 thoughts on “Video Footage: Future Islands

  1. deaner

    Soundboard recording? Sounds absolutely excellent. Big ups to whoever’s responsible.

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