MISSTEPS presents MikeQ

Nick Msall ’15 writes in:

Come out to Eclectic this Thursday for the 3rd and final installment of Missteps. This show’s headliner is none other than the Fade to Mind signee and Ghe20 G0th1k affiliated vogue-house “prince”, MikeQ. Before he takes to the stage, there will be a special movie screening of a documentary that details the nature of the vogue and ballroom culture in the late 80s. For those of you interested in some of the most eccentric and fascinating niches of American LGBT culture, this screening/concert is surely something you will not want to miss.

First surfacing in the blogosphere in 2011, MikeQ’s production came to be hailed by most critics of underground club as groundbreaking. Prior to the efforts of MikeQ, the largely gay and transvestite supported “ballroom” movement, whose origins can be traced back to New York in the late 1970’s, had received little recognition as a musical movement and culture. Since MikeQ’s emergence, however, vogue house and ballroom have only gone on to receive more international recognition. In particular, a compilation released by Soul Jazz records earlier this year has helped draw attention to some of the scene’s earliest innovators who were active as early as 1976.

Over the past year, MikeQ has grown as an artist outside of the ballroom community. He can now be seen performing at non-ballroom-related club events, playing out non-vogue house inspired material during his DJ sets, and remixing artists like Reilly Steel who fall completely outside of the vogue house spectrum of culture/music. The sum of these accomplishments has lead XLR8R magazine to label MikeQ as one of the top ten greatest new artists to emerge in 2011.

Here are links to MikeQ’s soundcloud, facebook, and XLR8R write-ups.

Date: Thursday, May 3
Time: film screening at 9:30, DJ MikeQ at 11:00
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free

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