Slender James and the Vassar Night Owls

The latest from Jeremy Judelson ’14 and our studliest singers:

Do you like orgasms? I like orgasms. Ever have one in your aural cavities? Well now you can! Join us 5pm this Saturday to see a smangin’ a capella show with Slender James featuring the Night Owls, an all-ladies group from a far away land called Vassar! And it’s FREE!!!!

Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 5 – 6:30 pm
Place: WestCo Café
Cost: Your Aural Virginity

Check out dem Night Owls!

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2 thoughts on “Slender James and the Vassar Night Owls

  1. Barry L. Chambers

    wow, this is such a cool event with such dapper young men and beautiful fine ladies. I really think everyone should go to this concert!

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