Beware of this Door

Beware of this door. It will not open for you unless you ask it really, really nicely. Or perhaps if you say mean things about its mother. But I swear ‘open sesame’ doesn’t work, and neither does the Elvish word for ‘friend.’ Oh, and the Handicapped button won’t help you either.

Brute force works, but it takes a while. The door next to it is much easier. If you want a challenge, though…

Fire hazard, perhaps?

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2 thoughts on “Beware of this Door

  1. Walks-through-USDAN

    They’re currently in the process of replacing it. They put in the new panes yesterday, I would assume they’ll be doing the wiring today.

    OR they just are lame and forgot. Which would probably be understandable, but would be lame.

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