WSA Voting Ends Today

Put off voting ‘cuz you wanted to learn more about the candidates?  Just forgot?

Not to worry, voting is still open! Vote now though, because elections close at midnight tonight. Vote in class year elections, vote for/against constitutional changes, vote in the survey.  Vote if you want to be heard.

Why vote?

  • The WSA did an awesome job this year!
  • The WSA did an awful job this year!
  • You’re happy about the introduction of minors.
  • You’re sad about the art library.
  • You loved Bandfire.
  • You don’t know anything about Middletown.
  • You can text Late Night now! Mmmmmmm.
  • That alarm.  In Usdan.  Killing you.
  • The Internet is so much faster!
  • ePortfolio sucks.
  • that newsletter is awesome, brah.
  • the career center isn’t helping me…
  • UsDen rocks my sober socks.
  • You still can’t chalk.
  • Your group got moniez and had funziez!
  • Your group wanted more moniez so it could have more funziez!

Whatever your issue, opinion, concern, question, worldview, try voting.  Also, don’t forget our handy-dandy Suggestions Page!

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