Joint Beats Batte

In a battle of the ages, Giant Joint beat Anwar Batte ’13 in a neck-to-neck write-in race for 2013 Rep.  After a week-long election, it was Joint that smoked Batte with 38 votes to his 37.

There were only two actual candidates vying for six 2013 class-rep seats, Jesse Ross-Silverman ’13 (Votes: 108) and Arya Alizadeh ’13 (Votes: 76).  Ross-Silverman and and Alizadeh understandably garnered more votes by being on the ballot.  A WSA election requires a minimum of twenty-five votes to be elected, which both Joint and Batte met.

This star-reporter reached out to the candidates, but received no comment from Joint.  Meanwhile, Batte had this to say:

I couldn’t be happier about Giant Joint’s victory. Giant Joint, as a raceless, genderless, and potentially classless object, shines a critical light on the intersecting oppressions that still exist today by transcending them all. Any attempt to prevent Giant Joint from serving hir full term on the WSA next semester is an attempt to prevent social justice.

Joint’s election will be invalidated because ze is not an enrolled member of the Class of 2013.

Congratulations to all winners of all races.  A complete list of the newly elected representatives is available after the jump.


  • Jesse Ross-Silverman (108)
  • Arya Alizadeh (76)
  • Giant Joint (38)
  • Anwar Batte (37)


  • Scott Elias (105)
  • Benny Docter (100)
  • Andrew Trexler (90)
  • Justin Raymond (62)
  • Jason Shatz (47)


  • Chloe Murtagh (134)
  • Mansoor Alam (129)
  • Nicole Brenner (126)
  • Jacob Musinsky (123)
  • Alex Rachlin (110 – tied)
  • Grant Tanenbaum (110 – tied)

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