Rho Ep Selling Spring Fling Tank Tops

Rho Epsilon Pi will again sell Spring Fling tanks to both benefit charity and make you look damn good on Foss Hill. They will be selling the tanks for $16 per shirt. A portion of the sales will go to supporting the purchase of mosquito nets to prevent women and children from getting malaria in Babgi, Southern Sudan. This small town sits right outside the capital, Juba, of Southern Sudan. The organization we’re using is run in part by the father of Orelia Jonathan ’15 and Geneva Jonathan ’15, the best freshmen twins in the ‘cac. More information about the organization from Orelia ’15 and a PayPal button after the jump!

Women and children are at high risk for getting infected by malaria. By providing them with nets, it will help to keep them safe. Each Mosquito net costs simply $5 dollars—in bulk though, they’re actually a lot less than that. This cause is truly special to my twin sister, Geneva, and me because Babgi is really close to where my father, Darius Jonathan P ’15, was born in Juba, Southern Sudan. Both of us are half Sudanese, and a lot of our family still lives in Sudan.  This summer, my dad will be taking a trip to Southern Sudan and will be bringing the mosquito nets we buy with the donations to the village of Babgi. We’re interested in starting a community service group to raise money for the cause. If anybody’s interested, please email ojonathan[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.


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23 thoughts on “Rho Ep Selling Spring Fling Tank Tops

  1. srsly


    1. Melodious

       https://www.facebook.com/events/257918540973886/ It’s not a pre-order though. It’s just a rough estimate, so I don’t over-order by too many.

      1. Confused

        The link just brings me to my events page and not the specific event. But I would like one!

  2. another size medium

    It says that they are sold out when I try to order one through paypal, is there some way we can sign up to be added to the queue for the second ordering?

    1. Melodious

      Anyone who wants a Small or Medium and didn’t get one through the first round, please go like the most recent post in the Facebook event! We’re ordering a second batch today. We will also sell these second round shirts in Usdan, Olin, and SciLi next week. You can contact me through e-mail (moliphant@wesleyan.edu) if you want to pay in cash rather than on PayPal. Also, we will only order more smalls and mediums, as there are still 10 large shirts remaining.

  3. student

    Can these only be purchased via paypal or can they be bought in Usdan like last year also?

    1. Melodious

       I’ll post on the facebook event when they’re available for purchase tomorrow. However, as of right now, we only have 4 smalls, 21 mediums, and 20 larges available still. I’ll probably order a second batch though.

    1. Melodious

      Anvil Knitwear Cotton. 6.1 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton.
      Bound-on self trim neck and armhole. Double needle bottom hem.

  4. Melodious

    If you want to criticize the design or style of the tank, then feel free to e-mail me instead of posting an anonymous comment. It’s just obnoxious. Or, alternatively, you could just make your own.


    1. Melodious

       The sizes run big. If you get the shirt and it’s too small, then I can refund your money. And I’ll order you a larger size in the second batch, if necessary.

    1. Melodious

       If you’d like to give me your e-mail address, then I can notify you of the final amount that we write a check to our selected charity. It’s hard to give you a percentage because I’m offering a price break for girls in our own sorority. I appreciate your concern though.

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