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Conversations on Controversy: The University

Do you have feelings about tuition increasing? What about your job prospects upon graduation from a liberal arts school? Given the current economy, where do you see higher education going in the next 20 years? Jared Radin ’12 and the American Studies Majors Committee invite you to ask these questions and more at their latest Conversations on Controversy installment: The University. 

The American Studies Majors Committee presents a conversation on the University as a social and cultural institution. In a time of economic and political uncertainty, many have begun to wonder about the future of small liberal arts colleges such as Wesleyan. What does this kind of place offer today? How might it be improved? Is this still an environment which fosters true critical engagement or has it become a “diploma factory”? Critics across the political spectrum have questioned the function, structure, and even the very existence of the liberal arts college.  We hope that this conversation will be an opportunity for members of the Wesleyan community to dialogue about the nature of higher education today.

For more, check out this video.

Date: Tomorrow, May 8th
Time: 6 pm
Place: The Daniel Family Commons, 3rd floor of Usdan
Cost: Free

Stethoscope Press Reading and Book Release

If you haven’t had enough of student writers after Wednesday, here’s something to “flight” your metaphorical “boat.” Leia Jane Zidel ’12 knows how to operate a printing press:

This is the final reading for this year’s Stethoscope Press writers. Please come and hear Jason Katzenstein ’13, Alec Harris ’14 Glenn Stowell ’13, and Daniel Goldman ’12 read from their books that they have been working hard on all year. Also, this is the first time their books will be available to pick up. There are only 400 copies of each book, and they will go quickly!

There will be a Q+A after the reading.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Date: Friday, May 11
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, Allbritton

A Reading By Winners of Wesleyan’s 2012 Writing Prizes

The 2012 writing prizes student winners will read from their work at the Russell House on Wednesday, May 9th.
  • Corey Dethier ’12
  • Katherine Gibbel ’15
  • Aditi Kini ’13
  • Marina Reza ’13
  • Anna Swartz ’13

Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: The Russell House (350 High Street)

* A reception will follow the reading. *
For more information, please visit The Russell House Prose and Poetry Series.