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Hope you’re not sick of us and our sketch comedy yet! Because we’re serving up our biggest and best show of the year TOMORROW NIGHT.

Lunchbox is: Solomon Billinkoff ’14Caroline Fox ’12Jack Hoskins ’12Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15Jilly Moreno ’12Daniel Obzejta ’12, and Adam Rotstein ’13 (who is in Paris but that’s ok).

Date: Wednesday, May 9
Time: 8 pm
Place: Nics Lounge

Phoolan Devi Opera @ South Church

Joseph Getter GRAD writes in about a “unique and powerful performance” at Middletown’s South Church this Saturday, cofunded by Wesleyan’s music department and featuring members of various Wes performance groups:Phoolan Devi, a new raw untouchable opera, will have its world premier on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 8pm at South Church in Middletown, CT. The composer is Gayathri Khemadasa, from Sri Lanka, currently a Fulbright scholar at Wesleyan University. Jeff Hush, a former Shakespeare scholar from UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago, is writing the libretto and producing the opera, with Darren Large.

The orchestra features members of Wesleyan’s Taiko, Balinese Gamelan and Chinese music ensembles, and includes Anupa Khemadasa, Gabriel Kastelle, Sarah-Jane Ripa, Dirck Westervelt, Pete Steele, Tim Gaylord, Matt Albert, Michael Pestel, Alec McLane, Will Northlich-Redmond, Banning Eyre, Sandy Yudhistira, Yuki Ohmori and Fumi Tanakadate. Sound design is by Mick Bolduc with videography by Kerey Viswanathan.


Kacha Bott’nique ’13 concoted pretty much the best event for her birthday back in April, and I’m really glad to see it happening again on a much larger scale. If you like to have a fucking awesome time, check out the upcoming silent rave:

To celebrate the end of classes we’re throwing a huge silent rave this Wednesday Friday night.  For a silent rave all one needs is an mp3 player of sorts and a pair of headphones.  We’ll all be listening to the same music (see the website to download the playlist–it’s one file) and hit play at the same time.  With everyone rocking out together we can dance everywhere–outside and inside–without making noise, so be prepared to move.

Preview featuring amazing weskids: Embedded above!

Dance for as long as you want. If you arrive late or get off synch, we’ll be starting at 11:15 on the dot (if you arrive 20 minutes late, start the playlist 20 minutes in).  The playlist is built off of your suggestions and includes a range of music that will move you–we promise.  Contact us if you have a problem downloading the music.
We’ve organized this event for no other reason than to celebrate the end of the year and dance.

We also have 600 glowsticks for the taking.
Meeting time & place: 11PM, Wednesday Friday, Olin steps. Look to the website and Facebook event for updates!
Hit play: 11:15PM, still Wednesday Friday