Musical Adventures of Guy Fridge ’15


Guy Fridge ’15 writes in to let the Wes world know about his recent music adventures. Fridge is part of a mini-label called 6BIT, which had a notable showcase at SWSW this spring and were recently asked by Portals Music to do a guest post on their website, which can be found here. BIT’s most recent complication, which is available both on their website and Bandcamp, can be found here.

Mr. Fridge‘s compilation also includes a remix of a Brandy track,”I Wanna Be Down.” Physical copies will be sold at Amoeba Records and PooBah Records in Los Angeles. Fridge’s forthcoming EP will be released on the label as well, which should be out sometime in the summer.

[If you’re interested, there are some other really cool guys on this label that have been getting a lot of hype recently. A net label called Absent Fever and a physical label called JAXART recently recruited several artists on the label to be a part of a compilation called “Generation Y Not,” which was printed as 1,000 physical CDs and went up for digital download. The link to that compilation can be found here.]

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6 thoughts on “Musical Adventures of Guy Fridge ’15

  1. chillbreux92 = Guy Fridge...

    A guy who’s done nothing promoting a group that’s done nothing… at what point should i care?

    Rule of thumb:If you’re going to do your own promotion, wait until you’re greatest accomplishment isn’t a Brandy remix.

    **”BIT’s most recent COMPLICATION”

  2. chillbreux92

    @ee8c9db0800475b67e09584eb6ff15a5:disqus  LOL I KNO rite?? Dude this song doesn’t even have a guitar in it!!! I don’t get it………….

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