O-Zi (Rob Rusli ’10) Releases Debut EP

Brooklyn based indie rapper/producer O-Zi (Rob Rusli ’10) has just released his debut EP, titled Rus Li. O-Zi is a “neoromantic/minimalist composer,” and founder of the indie hip hop collective Blue Belt. This 8-track album is dope, and I’m waiting on a video or two to go along with it—perhaps akin to YOYOYO’s Bigfoot on the beach or E.Y.B.’s jumping through Box Mountain Sculpture.

Free album download; listen here:

The album features a bunch of Wes alums, with Holing Yip ’10 on the song K.I.D.S,  and D1G1 (Saeid Vahidi ’09) and Underfur (David Moench ’09) on “Robot Girlfriend”; Vivian Ho ’12 did the album art.

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Says Rusli in a quote I am repeating: “This is what Asian-Americans do with a degree from Wesleyan, muthafukas.”

Go big, Blue Belt.

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