Kacha Bott’nique ’13 concoted pretty much the best event for her birthday back in April, and I’m really glad to see it happening again on a much larger scale. If you like to have a fucking awesome time, check out the upcoming silent rave:

To celebrate the end of classes we’re throwing a huge silent rave this Wednesday Friday night.  For a silent rave all one needs is an mp3 player of sorts and a pair of headphones.  We’ll all be listening to the same music (see the website to download the playlist–it’s one file) and hit play at the same time.  With everyone rocking out together we can dance everywhere–outside and inside–without making noise, so be prepared to move.

Preview featuring amazing weskids: Embedded above!

Dance for as long as you want. If you arrive late or get off synch, we’ll be starting at 11:15 on the dot (if you arrive 20 minutes late, start the playlist 20 minutes in).  The playlist is built off of your suggestions and includes a range of music that will move you–we promise.  Contact us if you have a problem downloading the music.
We’ve organized this event for no other reason than to celebrate the end of the year and dance.

We also have 600 glowsticks for the taking.
Meeting time & place: 11PM, Wednesday Friday, Olin steps. Look to the website and Facebook event for updates!
Hit play: 11:15PM, still Wednesday Friday
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13 thoughts on “WESRAVE

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  3. RAIN

    Due to the 70% chance of rain/thunderstorms, we are rescheduling the silent rave to THIS FRIDAY (not Monday). Same time, same place.

  4. MUSIC!

    Here is the link through Dropbox to download the playlist: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/mcqdz665ycx1krg/My3rmADu7M/wesrave.mp3

    1. don't stop till you get enough

      The last link was shut down for causing too much “traffic”. I just made another dropbox account, enjoy: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o4fl7x4w5jyoqny/n_kh4dSaM5/wesrave.mp3

  5. q?

    is the playlist up now? each time I click on the link I just get brought to the request a song page…

  6. Kbotwinick

    I forgot to add that we’ll be meeting outside behind Olin on the grassy steps. See y’all there!!

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