Spring Fling Housekeeping: Weather Forecast, Set Times

Here’s what’s up: the internet is declaring a 40% chance of rain on Thursday, which, on the bright side, means a 60% chance of No Rain, which is great because Blind Melon is totally headlining which is okay because weather.com is predicting “AM showers,” which shouldn’t be too big a deal given that the music isn’t kicking off until 12:45 PM, when Wesleyan opener Peace Museum takes the stage. That was a terrible sentence.

In the unlikely event that it does rain a whole bunch, Spring Fling will be moved to the ice rink—but that’s only in extreme cases, and it’s not especially likely given this forecast. So, you know, keep the hill clean. Err, I was wrong.

The order of the acts remains as previously announced, but here are the set times:

Oh, and if your friend Nico from Brown wants to visit, there’s a guest policy: one guest per student, as long as you have a WesCard on hand and the guest has some form of ID as well. (You should probably bring a WesCard anyway for the barbecue.)

Also, alcohol: yes, you can imbibe if you’re of age (FUCK YEAH, OPEN CONTAINERS), but no more than a six-pack of beer or a bottle of wine—no hard liquor. Bring a valid ID and WesCard if you’re planning to drink; you’ll need to get a wristband. (If it’s moved indoors, there’s no alcohol permitted.)

All of this will be relayed more coherently in an all-campus email, so stay freaking tuned. Here’s the lineup announcement, and here’s last year’s Fring Spling.

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12 thoughts on “Spring Fling Housekeeping: Weather Forecast, Set Times

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  3. Weather Person

    If you check the hourly update on weather.com, then it’s only a 20% chance of rain until 2 p.m. when it drops to 10% chance.

    1. whether man

      Given all of the sound and tech equipment as well as a truck that holds the stage that needs to be put in place before the concert begins….I say it goes inside…

          1. Committee member

            It’s NOT dead. We got some great lights, projectors, etc. The sound is monstrous. It’s not Matisyahu 2.0. It’s going to be really tight. Just come enjoy yourself.

          2. Sure

            Because people go to Spring Fling for lights and projectors and not to get drunk on the hill.

          3. yo

             it will be matisyahu 2.0 unless you can make the hockey rink dark and not sound like total shit.

  4. Borntoolate

    Wait!? We coulda got Blind Melon!? 

    This is the point where I would whip out some early 90s slang if I knew any.

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