Spring Fling: Just Kidding, It’s In The Ice Rink

Looks like I spoke too soon: it’s going to thunderstorm tonight and tomorrow morning; hence, the hill/stage area is going to be wet; hence, Spring Fling is in the ice rink. Whoops. Looks like the groundskeepers made the call earlier than expected.

Says Spring Fling Committee member Phil “Trill” Weinstein ’13 on behalf of the committee: “We’re doing everything we can to make it still awesome.” Alas, you can’t bring alcohol anymore. Anyone know why “ice rink” and “legal-age drinking” are incompatible? I don’t.

Here’s the all-campus email:

Dear Wesleyan Students,

Due to inclement weather and consequent safety and grounds concerns, this year’s Spring Fling, Thursday, May 10, 2012 from 1-5 will be moved to the ice rink at the Freeman Athletic Center. We’re doing everything we can to make this indoor experience the best it can possibly be – with funds normally used for fencing and staging, we’re investing in lighting, projection, and sound. The show goes on. We hope to see you there!

As is always the case, the Code of Non Academic Conduct is in effect and members of the community are expected to abide by the policies.  In order to preserve the future of Spring Fling and ensure that students can continue to enjoy this, we want you to be aware of what to expect:

  • Students are not allowed on the stage. Having students on the stage endangers both students as well as the sound equipment and performers. In addition, performers have the right, by their contract, to stop performing if individuals climb on the stage. We ask for your assistance by staying off the stage to insure that this Spring Fling isn’t cut short unnecessarily.
  • Alcohol will not be allowed in the Athletic Center Building under any circumstance. Any student who shows up severely intoxicated will be turned away at the door.
  • Anyone who violates the Code will be referred to Student Judicial Board.
  • You must have your WesID to enter and each Wes Student may bring one (1) guest with them, that guest must have state issued ID.
  • No beverages or food will be allowed into the facility and all students will be checked before they enter the building.
  • The only entrance to Freeman will be the Cross Street Entrance.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us make Spring Fling a successful event!  With your cooperation we can insure the future of Spring Fling.

WSA Social Committee, SALD & The Dean’s Office

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32 thoughts on “Spring Fling: Just Kidding, It’s In The Ice Rink

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  2. MAaadddddddPoOOOppPPP

    Here’s a thought….

    1) It won’t be raining after 9am tomorrow, in case anyone….ahem…SALD….was worrying about that.

    2) Why not at the very least put it in the Field House (any of you seniors remember Girl Talk and how we could actually hear the music, and how it didn’t sound like shit????????????????)

    I wish the powers that be would use their brains before making dumb anti-fun decisions.


  3. cooooool

    omg i NEEEEEED alcohol to have fun!!!!!!!111 
    it’s a free concert, get over yourselves 

  4. Michael Roth, Esq.

    if you like pina coladas
    getting caught in the rain
    if you’re not into MiMoSa
    and you have half a brain

    …then you picked the wrong school bro LOL

  5. Ron Paul

    Anyone else feel like they should NOT spend the funds on “lighting, projection, and sound”? There’s no reason to spend money on shit that a) isn’t even cool and b) won’t be enjoyed by people b/c Spring Fling is IN THE FUCKING ICE RINK. We bitch and bitch about not having enough funds, and now we’re going to just throw them away? There MUST be something better to spend that money on…. there must be. Thoughts? Anyone have any insights into how much money this is?

    1. giant joint

      I dunno, the amount of money they’re spending on lights is probably pretty marginal. 

    2. Why even...?

      The email they sent out about saving/repurposing money was complete bullshit. There’s no way that they didn’t already spend money on getting fencing and a stage, the committee is completeley out of money. The odds of getting some kind of different/special lights or sound is nil. So not to worry, no money will be wasted. There isn’t any left.

      1. Ron Paul

         Good point. No longer worrying…. *singing in the rain. Just singing in the rain*

  6. 2013

    Oh hey, remember when the acoustics were absolute shit in the Ice Rink? Cool, me too.

    1. Wires and water don't mix.

      The decision was not made by the “administration,” but by the events and planning staff, who need to set up a 1. stable structure that is 2. covered in electrical wiring and 3. is really heavy in 4. mud and puddles. Now, that sure as hell sounds like a bad idea to me.

      Unless you’re referring to the alcohol ban. I don’t know anything about that. But it’s a long standing policy that they don’t let you drink inside. I’d guess it probably is pre-this administration.

      1. daroth

        Not just alcohol. Food and drinks too. The hill is always gross as hell after Spring Fling, but it gets cleaned up. Why can’t we do the same in the ice rink?

        Someone in power told me recently: “If it gets to the point where the only answer you have when someone asks ‘why?’ is because that’s the way it’s always been done, you need to rethink things.”

  7. A Proposal

    This sucks, but there’s not much point bitching about it now. How about once it’s actually nice, we have a day where a bunch of student groups all perform? Spring Fling II, or something like that. Cheaper, lower-key, and outside in the sun.

    1. Rainman

      Or we could do exactly the same thing on the same day, doing whatever we want on foss in the rain. I personally think the weather would make it more fun, not less.

      1. yo

         It’s actually not going to rain from 1-5. They’re just worried about it being slippery and having to set up in the rain since it’s going to rain until 10am…

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