Wesleyan Film Thesis Screenings

One does not simply walk into the film thesis screenings.

You knew it was coming, now it’s here.  Doors open 45 minutes before each showing. Get there EARLY, everyone will be trying to crash this party.  Each film runs under 13 minutes. Total run time for each screening will be about 2 hours.  The films are (in the order of their screening):

Friday, May 11 (8PM) and Sunday, May 13 (2PM)

Julian Silver ’12: Tough Love
Ericka Sokolower-Shain ’12: Perchance to Dream
Rebecca Fonticoba ’12: Sleep with the Ethnographer
Adrian Rothschild ’12: Dammit, Janet!
Daniel Ferm ’12: Spiderland
Ethan Leight ’12: ABC’s
Shane Henderson ’12: Jack of All Trades
Bennett Taren ’12: Just Broken Dreams

Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 (both at 8PM)

Nathaniel Draper ‘12: The Nose
Siyou Tan ‘12: Max
Leon Izsak ‘12: Better
Veronika Vackova ‘12: The Old Man and the Gnome
Stephen Nangeroni ‘12: The Color Thief*
Leslie Wentworth ‘12: Knife: A Love Story*
Jake Lane ‘12: What’s Left
Daniel Obzejta ‘12: Peter and the Paper Wolves
Casey Duke Feldman ‘12: Barflies

*Digital films

Date(s): Friday, May 11,  Saturday, May 12, Sunday, May 13
Time(s): 8PM on Friday and Saturday. 2PM on Sunday for digital, 8PM on Sunday for 16mm + digital.
Place: Goldsmith Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies.
Cost: $5

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