Writing Workshop Closes May 14

The Writing Workshop will stay open through the evening of Monday, May 14th. At 11 PM on Monday night, we close our doors for the year.

Happy last day of classes, everyone! Enjoy the day. Savor the knowledge that tomorrow when you wake up you have spring fling to look forward to, not chemistry. But keep in mind that this is just the eye of the storm: before you know it, reading “week” will have passed and finals will be upon us.

For all you out there trying to pretend this isn’t so: finals start on Tuesday, May 15. That’s less than one week away. Luckily, the Writing Workshop is sticking with you right up until the last possible moment!

As of right now, all remaining appointments are booked. But don’t fret! You can still visit the drop-in office (Olin Room 106) from 7-11 PM tonight, Thursday (why yes, we are open on spring fling!), Sunday, or Monday. Though, we advise you get there closer to 7 if you want to guarantee a meeting.

This is your last chance to have an experienced, professional, meticulous, delightful tutor look over that final paper before you hand it in! Don’t miss out!

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