Roth and Elaine, Sitting in the TimesCenter

F-U-N-D R-A-I-S-I-N-G.

Remember that time President Roth ’78 enjoyed some bodacious chilling with HIMYM homeboys Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ’97 at the Paley Center for Media in L.A.? Wesleyan’s YouTube team was good enough to upload it and throw it on the Wesleyan main page. Roth’s well-documented high-profile schmoozing continues this week with an interview with Seinfeld costar and Wesleyan parent Elaine Julia Louis-Dreyfus P ’14, who premiered the first episode of her new HBO show, Veep, at The TimesCenter in New York. As Roth explains it in his slightly tangled logic,

Why am I here to see Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Because, of course, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is part of the Wesleyan family! Because she’s making culture! And that’s what the Wesleyan family does!

Word, brah! And lest you doubt that Ms. Louis-Dreyfus is a card-carrying member of the Wesleyan family, the Seinfeld actress gets all Proud Mother on her son ’14 (“Wesleyan was his absolute first choice . . . I screamed with happiness and then I wept like a baby”) and implores audience members to “open your wallets and give all of your money to Wesleyan University.” There’s no need for subtlety when you’re in the Wesleyan family.

There’s a telling moment in the interview when Roth asks Louis-Dreyfus what attracted her to the role of the vice-president. It was “the idea of playing somebody who is in a powerful position and yet powerless at the same time,” says the actress. “I can relate to that,” Roth laughs.

In other news, Wesleyan’s video team soundtracks the short with a track by underground Wes producer LA Gears (okay, it’s Sky Stallbaumer ’12), taken straight from Aural Wes. Well done, guys. Here’s the clip.

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