Wesleyan Spirits Spring Jam on Saturday

AJ “Big Bird” Hinds ’12, coming into my house, and once again, as always, as forever, making it all about him, with typical questionable humor:


Against my better judgment, I am once again asking you to post about the Spirits’ Spring Jam (also known as my Senior Thesis because, as you know, I am a weak, weak man incapable of completing an actual thesis). It would be great if you could post it sometime tomorrow, but I wanted to send the info to you today, so that I didn’t forget amidst the festivities.

Title: Wesleyan Spirits Spring Jam: A Senior Thesis Presentation by AJ Hinds ’12
Time: Saturday, May 12 at 7pm
Location: Memorial Chapel
Price: Free
Face: Book

Anyway, Garth Taylor ’12 already had his equivalent of a senior thesis with the Rooks in the ’92 concert, and that shit was tight. 

Oh god I can’t write sentences right now.

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  1. Big Bird '12

    There will be a live webcast of the event at 7pm: http://wescast.wesleyan.edu/

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